Home Depot shop ride

I may have posted this a looong time ago, but could not find it anywhere among my youtube or google videos, which date back more than 2 years. So I just uploaded this short version to youtube by request, from a new riding buddy who just got a job there!

My original ride inside went for a solid 5-6 minutes, but I’ve edited it down to only about 2 min. This is where I used a fake “Uni pass” and flashed it anytime an employee was about to tell me to stop, lol! Anyway, it’s just me riding through the Home Depot,. My pov technique back then was not the greatest, and this would have been a perfect time to use a fisheye! :o

Home Depot ride through

I think I’ve seen a similar video, but it may have been through a super market. Anyway I’m suprized you didn’t get yelled at or chased or something.

Yeah you probably saw one of my other “shop” rides.
So far I’ve ridden in the following and all were successful unless otherwise noted:

Home Depot
Target (“Roll it, roll it!”)
Local Mall
Dairy Queen (They even allowed me to jump my uni off the counter!)
Neighborhood market (Planned comedy video ok’d by owner)
Police Dept! (lol!)
DMV (Security guard only said, “sir”)

Library (asked to leave-rode out)
Bed bath & beyond (Mgr. told me to get off the uni and turn off the camera…I got off the uni)

:slight_smile: :smiley: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try to do this in the shoping mall near my house…
By the way, where are you from?

I live in the beach cities area of Loa Angeles County, USA, known as the South Bay.:slight_smile: I see you are from Brazil. I hear it’s very beautiful there! Any good MUni spots? I would guess yes with all those mountains! Are you near Sao Paulo?