Holy Rollers Steel Bead - still okay to use?

I just got these tires from a seller, but I have a problem. I read this on amazon:

I got the 26" black steel bead and it was folded up in a 9x11x8 inch box.

Is it okay to use it still or should I be cautious or return it?

I got the holy rollers because the hookworms felt a bit too heavy and it was way too sensitive to road crown / cambering in the road (tried lowering psi to around 20-30, then increasing to 63psi) didn’t really work. The 63 psi was way too stiff of a ride and I wouldn’t do that even if it helped with the croad crown. The places where I ride always has some road crown and the sidewalks are usually slanted in an angle, many times in a changing variety of angles even on the same block.

I got the 26" x 2.2" (trying to see if the smaller diameter, lighter weight, slightly knobby tires would help better with the road issue)

If by “folded” you/they mean coiled up into a triple loop, it’s perfectly fine and a good way to ship.

Literally folding it over in a sharp 180 degree bend would be bad, but I would guess that that’s not what actually happened. There’s no description in the Amazon complaint of how it was folded, or the supposed damage that was done. Sounds like he just thinks that if it wasn’t shipped flat it’s ruined.

Okay just double checking with you guys since you know much more about this than I do.

Thanks! It’s so much thinner than the hookworm…and lighter too.

Hope it fits the tube that I’m using on my hookworms as well…