Holy hell!

Well my SH frame won’t fit a 26" wheel with the unicylce.com wide hub. Spokes hit the frame right above the bearing holders.
Damn, damn, damn…

Do the spoke heads hit the frame? If you could mill a slot in the frame where the spoke heads hit would it work? How deep would that slot have to be? Ideally it would not be a slot, it would be an arc with the same radius as the spoke hole circle on the flange. A straight slot, slightly wider, would be easier to do.

Yeah yeah… I’ll get pictures for you Harper.
It’s pretty ugly looking… (deja-vu)

thats only funny to me since i wish i had that wheel back, im going to have to build a whole new 26" wheel now because of an unforscene (sp?) compatabilaty issue with a similar project.

at least you got a killer deal on that. i will never guess about shipping on a 26" wheel again, that was a costly mistake.

i would go with the slot idea…its steel so it sould be ok.

EDIT: how about speading the legs out with a small car jack and then bending the bearing holders in with a vise?

It would appear that both of our problems have stemmed from the same source…at least a different “unicycle source.” I bought another set of Snafu concave pedals in black that mount up to my BE (err… Nimbus) cranks and a small black + silver clamp. The unicycle is very aesthetically pleasing to me, however some modifications are going to have to take place to get that wheel moving. The spokes aren’t hitting at the hub/flange but slightly higher where the fork angles in towards the bearing holders. I’m going to take some measurements and see how much I’ll have to modify the frame. Any suggestions on a safe distance?

You are in Florida and I am in Washington. You can’t get much safer than that.

I’ll give that a try. I think I know a guy who should be able to touch it up for me, if he stills works at the same place.

Finally got around to setting up a gallery. Here’s a picture of my heartbreak.

1st the pope, now this…sad sad sad.

we just had easter but maybe it will still rise again one fine day.

Ouch! Will you be able to repair it by welding the cracked area?

The gallery comment says it happened before even being ridden. Were you trying to fit too big of a bearing or too small of a bearing?

I never had the chance to ride the frame other than a spin in the driveway a year or more back when Frank was visiting. I never had a seat to fit the frame. Later I purchased a Summit that had the larger seatpost diameter but this was barely ridden do to a lost of interest in riding. I sold the Summit, kept the seat and decided to slap a larger wheel in the frame for commuting.
I had intentions of placing a 26" wheel with a unicycle.com wide hub but the frame could not accomodate such a wheel. The aesthetic holes were drilled fairly close to the bearing holder which may have lessened it’s chances for survival. I’ll have to look for someone locally to weld the frame back into shape, it might be ressurected.

Its not a crack fella’s, It was put there when that hole was drilled, he simply miss aligned the drill and skimmed the inside wall of the bearing. It is also no structual problem, there is still the bearing lip which adds tons of rigidity and strength, also the metal above it quite strong too, those combined when pushed against a bearing, and that fact that there is little or no load on the holder in the place of the flaw, Hence our problem is no more than an eye sore.

It’s a pretty awesome frame I must add, I plan to put it on a street 24" wheel.

That frame with some CrazyCranks would be awesome



How about…Cranks with holes in them?

Random Fact: The frame has 270 Holes in it.

Or better yet…A TryAll Rim (you know, the one with holes?), a pair of demolition Pedals (the ones with 4 holes in them.), some custom cranks with holes in them, and a post with holes in it?

That would be cool.

Does Steve make alot of frames with holes in them?

There is only one Holy Hell frame. But Steve did make other frames with holes and cutouts in them:
artistic CNC cutouts
CNC holes
black and white

Pft, The Holy Hell Frame is much better.