Holy crappers hopping discomfort.

I have searched…
I apologize if there is a thread out there like this.

So I just got my Nimbus Isis Trials and I love it. The heavy arse pedals (stock metal) are different and I am still not used to them…same with the seat…it still feels odd. Although the seat is comfy to sit on, after less than 5 minutes of jumping on and off curbs/stairs, but inner thighs are literally close to bleeding…my old uni was a cheapo learner 20 and the seat was very narrow. The nimbus seat seems to cause discomfort due to the way it gets flairs wider at the front and my thighs rub I guess.

It’s only been maybe 3-4 times that I have been hopping/trials on it, but I am wondering if I am ever going to get used to it.

Maybe my legs should be spread apart more? Maybe closer together hugged around the thinnest middle part of the saddle?

Or will I have to trim the foam or something?



When I switched from my learner uni, it was hard to hop and stuff but it never hurt… :thinking:
Maybe you are squeezing your legs together too tightly

Happened to me and my nimbus street for the first month, then I got used to it. Just ride as often as you can.

how long have you been riding for? I had the same sort of problem for my first month, then it disappeared. If the problem persists, try trimming the foam or buying a new seat.

pretty common problem when you start out, it will stop hurting after a little while once your skin outghens and the hair on your inner thigh has all been pulled out. SOme people shave their inner leg to try and speed up this process.

its normal. wear some biking shorts and thick shorts/trousers. when in my first month of trials - i actually bled from my thighs…

Awesome. Thanks for the replies guys. I have only been riding it for a couple days…I was just getting antsy too early.

I will wait it out. Thanks.

Meh just start practicing seat in front hops.


Ah! That explains why you have a fetish for red shorts… nobody would see the bleeding.:smiley: