Holy Cow Cokers Rock..

Well i got accually got my coker yesterday… but i didnt have an air pump so i had to sit there and look at my perfectly put together unicycle but couldnt ride it… IT WAS TORTURE!!!.. Well anyway… today i went to a local gas station and pump my tire up to about 40 but shhh dont tell anyone… and i mounted with the aid of my van and rode one big lazy circle… then came back…

Keep in mind that this was only after i had a 1 1/2 PE practice before school got out and then i had a 2 hour football practice… so i was beat and starving… but i needed my coker NOW…

Well once i was back at my van i decided to try to mount… and i had a weird feeling that i would beable to my first try… cuase i was so used to mount a 28 with 89’s. Needless to say i freemounted my very first ever try and rode away… it was very kick ass. i was so stoked it only took me a few seconds to adjust to the giant wheel. i was soon zipping along.

After that i decided to go home fix everything and go for my first spin. Needles to say i completed my goal for 2005 and rode more then 10 miles without getting off. i rode a good 15 miles… and i wanted to do more but i was about to eat my arm off becuase i was so hungry. so i went back and ate and did my homwork then went back outside.

Once outside i worked on mounts… i got all three mounts my very first try rolling, static, and the rolling one where the wheel doesnt move but you run and jump on it… and i havent missed a mount yet… Rolling is by far the funnest… im so glad i got a coker…

The only bad part about the ride was the saddle soreness… i guess i gotta get used to the KH

Well i hope you had fun reading my coker shpeil… Meh its no Mikefule thread but enjoy

oh yeah sorry for my bad spellin and grammar errors


Re: Holy Cow Cokers Rock…

Bah!! Young, physically fit people… who needs you?

Just kidding. I am still afraid of getting too far away on my 29er for fear it would be tough getting back. And, 89’s on a 28er. I’m impressed. I still struggle with my 125’s.

For your next purchase, how about a tire pump? Then you won’t have to sit there and just look at your uni.

Maybee werk on the spelin and gramer to.

What?? no pics?? Cut to the chase, chase.

Sounds like a lot of fun, I’ve always wanted a coker. How long did it take you to go 15 miles?

Yeah, you could just get a $5 hand pump somewere.

Izzle update… i dont know what it is… ive never been a very fast learner on the ole uni, but i think i have a nack for the coker. but i can idle about 80% of what i can on a 20 inch, i can go backwards for about as long as i want, and i got like 4 revs one footed on my one and only try…i dont really know but its super duper awesome…maybe cuase i have strong legs…? if you dont have a coker go and but one right now,


hope this works… nothin fancy but its super aweosme


chase n his unicycle 003.jpg

Stock coker with yello KH seat and metal BMX mosh bike pedals



You can go backward endlessly? I am jealous, that is what I am working on. It’s difficult, maybe you can give me some pointers on how to do it. Also can you side-mount on the Coker?

Welcome to Cokerville. :sunglasses:

well i think i can go backwards becuase i could do it endlessly on my other little unis… and i havent tried a side mount… ill go try now


wow, you’re very skilled at Cokering for just recently getting one…took me ages to be able to go backwards, and even longer to learn to freemount. and I still can’t do it one footed, but I haven’t tried much…