Hollywood Film Premiere


On December 4 I’ll be in L.A. for the premiere of a film I’m in called Winter. Winter is a sports documentary directed by Steve Bellamy with a soundtrack by Bush and narration by the Academy Award Winner Hilary Swank. It profiles the story of a few different adventure sport athletes. The focus is on the people behind the action.

In my case, they focused on the Stawamus Chief cliff riding footage because they wanted a conversation about risk, and splice in background footage elsewhere to tell the story. They digitally re-mastered all the original 16 mm film reels into HD, and it may have some new material that was never seen before. There is also a minor bit of new cliff footage in the same location using a POV cam, although done with rope safety this time (that’s a different story - done in soaking wet conditions earlier this year).

The premiere is at the iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. This is a historic theatre that has been premiering major Hollywood films since 1927. I believe it’s the place that has the Hollywood walk of fame out front.

Here’s the schedule:
5:00PM - pre-party / athlete signing at Barney’s on the Promenade
6:15PM - red-carpet / photographs
6:45PM - theatre introduction of athletes, crew and VIP’s
7:00PM - film rolls

I’ll post more details as I get them. Hope to see you there!



Awesome Kris!

Interested in catching a muni ride while you’re out here? A few locals are already planning on riding Hummingbird that morning (Terry knows this one, some of his videos were made there), though I expect your day is probably spoken for.

Is this premeire open to the public?

Darn, I’m going to be down in El Lay the following weekend. Hope it goes well!

Now there’s a coincidence! I sent Kris and email right after he first posted this thread, and asked him if he might have time to meet for a MUni ride–at Hummingbird! In fact, I’ll be there tomorrow as well.

I’d absolutely love to go for a ride. Unfortunately, I’m going to be in Taiwan up until the night before (working on the 2013 KH lineup), and have to jump right from that trip to LA and back home to Vancouver again. Probably that morning I’ll be asleep =).

As far as I know the premiere is open to the public but I have no information as yet. Will keep you posted.



Awesome Kris, that movie looks absolutely fantastic from the trailer!

I’m looking forward to seeing this when it comes to my area. Let us know when/where the national schedule is posted.

Kris, I had no idea your life was so bussy :astonished: :o

Here’s a poster with details:
The premiere has now been confirmed for the Regency Village Theatre:

Attached is a poster with more info and show times.




Awesome Kris! :smiley:

I hope i get that good some day!

Oh nice! I live less than a mile from there, I’ll try to make it.

We live about an hour away and were thinking of attending, but unfortunately $30.00 a ticket (times 4) puts it out of reach for us. Have a great time the Village Westwood Theater is a beauty. One of my favorites.

Tickets: http://theskichannel.com/filmtour/

Hey, send me a note (info at krisholm.com) and I may be able to do something about getting comp tickets. Same thing with anyone else from the unicycling community who is reading this thread and wants to come. Just let me know.


Thank you Kris. My girls and I are looking forward to attending the premier.:smiley: