Holiday in Holland = Unicycling holiday!

i’m saving up for:

Nimbus 28" Unicycle Red with a Big Apple 28x2.35" (29") Tyre

i’ve got to save about £160 by the time i go to Holland on holiday at the end of August will i make it… hope so!

anyone got this? do you like it?

are you going to the netherlands.

amazing. i live in the netherlands.

to wich city are you going. i live nearly bij Eindhoven.


TP, I had a god over Rogers 29" the other night… WOW! It is so cool!

The Big Apple tyre just rocks!
It is just like a mini coker - Roger had VERY small cranks on!

Any chance that Holiday in Holland is a scooter rally? Just wondering, as there is a scooter rally called Holiday in Holland in August…


my nimbus 28" wheel folded after a week of fiding, and the spokes just mash when you try and turn them :angry: its not fair im reduced to transportation by 20", very tiring

How did u fold a 28"? unless ur doing drops on them.


haha no not for me just family holiday but for me a holiday for me and my unicycle!

I had a go on that 29" at uni meet it was hard as hell to mount once i was on it was ok it has 89mm cranks so it feels so strange.
Hope you get the money remember always look on the floor i found a £20 note on the floor on saturday!!

well my rim wasnt completely folded , bad choice of words, it was out a good few inches from being inline with the hub, and i have no idea, id only ever ridden it down to the postbox and back :thinking:

why not send it back? obvoisly there was something wrong with it, if you had only ridden it a couple of times.


Re: Holiday in Holland = Unicycling holiday!

On Sat, 6 Mar 2004 15:36:47 -0600, treepotato wrote:

>i’ve got to save about £160 by the time i go to Holland on holiday at
>the end of August will i make it… hope so!

Where in Holland, treepotato? We’ve got a few spare unicycles for you
to ride with us, including the very Nimbus 28" Unicycle Red with a Big
Apple 28x2.35" (29") Tyre that you inquired about. That is a most
likeable setup in my view.

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Hey! I’m planning to have an holiday in holland the last week of april!
But we know nothing about the road, about the street rules, we’re still planning the trip…
Any advices ?
Everybody from holland, please help us!
ciao ciao

In common the roads are quiet good and there is a good infrastructure for bikes (a lot of seperate lanes for bikers).

I don’t know if a unicyclist is a pedestrian or a biker. Under the Dutch law a bike should have a good steering mechanism and a brake. Well, the steering mechanism is the driver, which should be fine. Braking can be done by `reversing’ the pedals.

Use some lights in the dark (mabye LEDS) to put on your uni, because you avoid discussions with police men. Use reflective material in your wheel or on your tyre and on your clothes.

Show clearly what you want and look in cars to see people see you and what they are going to do. Use an arm to point which direction you are going.

There are bushes in some area for muni (especially the center, Apeldoorn).

Inhabitant of the east of Holland.

wow do you live there?

we’re going to quite a few differnt places but i know one of them is Utrecht if that means anything