holes in frame help

does anybody know how to stratigically place holes of one was to drill a torker DX 06 frame, or any frame
is it worth it, or should i get a nimbus 2 frame?

If I were you, I’d give the holes-in-frame thing a try. I doubt it will make it too much lighter, and be conservative in hole size and placement. At the worst it will look cool.

Don’t drill it. Drilling stuff like a frame isn’t easy… As the drill penetrates the steel, it will raise a burr that will be hell to knock off. I tried drilling a frame, and it was just hell. Unless you have the right clamps to hold down the frame, and a bunch of skill on a milwaulkee hole shooter or equivalent drill, don’t try this. If you want to use a drill press, hold the frame with clamps. It’s suicidal to do this with ones hands.

Just get a Yuni frame. The weight savings from drilling are negligible anyways.

don’t drill a frame unless (as mentioned) you really really know what you’re doing. just ride with the heavier frame. unless you’re doing trials it won’t make much of a difference, and will only make you stronger.

nah it wont be hard ot get burr wont be hard to get off, run it likly agaist a bench grinder wheel or on a big belt sander.

Re: holes in frame help

Or get a countersinking bit and use that to finish off the hole (or maybe if
you’re careful, the tip of a really big drill bit… but be careful it
doesn’t skitter off)


Evan Byrne wrote:

> nah it wont be hard ot get burr wont be hard to get off, run it likly
> agaist a bench grinder wheel or on a big belt sander.

I don’t think you understand or have drilled a frame before. The burr isn’t raised, per se, it is the final section of the hole once the drillbit has broken through. I’ve deburred parts, but this burr just grabs the spiral of the flutes and is wicked hard to break. You can’t get a bench grinder or belit sander into the hole to knock it off. Also, evan, just so you know, a c’sink or large drill bit is what you generally deburr with for holes, not a grinder.

if you drill at a slow speed and dont push on the bit to hard you should have no problem. let the drill bit do the work not your arm

It really won’t be worth it, you might shave a few grams at best and will quite possibly seriously compromise your frame. Having done some work lightening racing cars I have experience of how little mass cutting holes in things really removes, a decent set of pedals or an alloy seatpost will do much more for you, albeit i admit and much greater cost.

The only unicycle frames you should drill are bladed ones, like the Schwinn and Semcycle Deluxe. Drilling a tubular frame will make it a lot weaker, and not noticeably lighter.

I’ve drilled a couple of Schwinn frames, and as long as you don’t go too big, it won’t hurt their strength unless you really abuse them. My 45" big wheel, though not really a Schwinn, has 7/8" holes all the way down. Plus an old racing uni I did had 1" holes in it. On that one I also drilled out the seat post, with seat post holes all the way up, and same-sized holes front-to-back.