Holeproof full-finger gloves

Every pair of full-fingered gloves I’ve owned seems to wear out pre-maturely in the same way: a hole forms at the tip of the index finger, then rapidly grows. I’ve done this to several pairs of Fox Dirt Paws and a pair of REI gloves. Its kind of annoying as the rest of the glove is still in good condition and only a few months old.

Maybe I expect too much from my gloves, but I would have thought they’d last a little longer before getting holes in them. It seems to me that this problem could very easily be fixed by making the fingertips completely out of leather or synthetic leather as its always the lighter fabric around the fingertips which tears first. Does anyone know of full-fingered cycling gloves like this? Or other ones which don’t wear out really quickly?

I suppose I could try getting the next size up in gloves, though they would probably be less comfortable to wear… Or maybe my hole-ripping fingers suffer from some kind of odd digital geometry.


These will do. They’re the bomb. All the others wear out.


a bit o’ duct tape could fix that!! But there’s probably a pair of gloves out there somewhere that don’t need any duct tape… such as the ones vivalargo mentioned.

^^^I have used the gloves vivalargo posted for climbing and they are very strong, very durable (the fingerless ones) and as you can see they are all leather. I use fingerless gloves since so far when I wipe out I usually mess up my palms and not my fingertips plus I like being able to feel with my fingers.

Anyways, I was just browsing for some shin armor and ordered some. I noticed that sixsixone sells gloves too, they look pretty durable, here’s a link:


Do what someone (jag?) said and sew up the holes while they are still small.

snap ons…

they are the official gloves of the F1 racing pit crews

they arent cycling gloves but they are invincible…