holding onto your seat!

Just wondered if I could get some ‘holding onto the seat’ tips? I know that
it is a good idea for hopping of course but I see lots of uni riders hold
onto the seat at various other times when they ride. Is it to stabilize the
seat when you take your weight off of it a bit to go over obstacles and
such? Does it matter which hand is used - dominant hand vs nondominant?
Also some folks who were sprinting around the track a the Unicon held onto
their seat with one or both hands others didn’t hold on at all. Thanks for
any thoughts to enlighten a beginner.


well my two cents on the matter is that when I go over objects I stand up on my uni, that is to avoid from child damage. I’m not sure wether you stand up while racing but depending on the saddle, some would prefer holding it to refrain from moving, sliding, and a worst case scenario, it falling out, unless you can seat drag of course!!! well, I hope that helps!!

Re: holding onto your seat!

On Wed, 07 Aug 2002 19:13:28 -0800, Jason <nospam@nospam.no.no.no>

>I’ve had never felt the need to hold on to my saddle bumper much until I
>tried my first MUni ride, then I started holding on to prevent my feet
>from coming off my pedals. I suppose metal pedals would be better for
>MUni than the plastic ones I have?

Not per se for the feet-coming-off issue. Little pins/studs pointing
out of the pedal’s surface help to keep your feet on the pedals, but
studded pedals are available in plastic as well as in metal. Having
said that, metal has the advantage that it is generally stronger than

Klaas Bil

What style saddle are you riding with?

Re: holding onto your seat!

AccordNSX <AccordNSX.93mx0@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message news:<AccordNSX.93mx0@timelimit.unicyclist.com>…
> What style saddle are you riding with?

Right now I’m riding with a Semcycle seat… that is until I find a
way to get a durable seat with a handle… sigh, maybe I’ll just have
to be waiting for Kris to fine tune his new one…


the two main times that i touch the seat with my hands whilst riding are while hopping (kinda hard not to), and sometimes during long rides i push down on the front during flat stretches, it tends to ease some of the pressure and make long rides a tad more comfortable.