Hol(e)y Leather Gemcrest seat cover - any fix?

Yep, I’m wearing holes in this guy already. And its only been a little more than half a year.

This has been by far the most comfortable seat cover. A big fat ‘ZERO’ on the chafe-meter. Thats why i want to fix it, or at least extend its life since it wasnt cheap.

Do you guys have any ideas? Only one hole actually goes all the way through. The rest are small little patches where the outer smooth black layer is getting rubbed off and will eventually go through. Is there any type of glue or anything i could put on these spots to smooth them and protect them?

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Holy saddle eh?

I didn’t know you were a religious man.:wink:

There are a million and one types of liquid leather repair kits. However, they’re costly, and sold by lame TV ad-companies. If you’re just worried about fixing the holes, and not too mych about appearance then go to you’re local sporting goods/bike/skate shop and pick up some ShoeGoo, which comes, conviniently, in black. It’s 7 bucks or so a bottle, that’ll last through many applications.

Just apply, smoothe it out, and let it dry. Voila!