Hoggy G Review

Well, the tire itself is lovely. As mentioned elsewhere, it is definitely not the quoted 3.45" wide, but only 3" in reality.
This puppy is hellish to get onto the rim, so make sure you have at least two tire levers before attempting a swap…

After riding this tire on every available surface, I can say that it is definitely a tire made for a bicycle, and not suitable for unicycling under real-world conditions. On the street, it is totally squirrely and difficult to ride at low pressure, and at high pressure, it is super mega hyper sensitive and difficult to master over irregular surfaces.

This tire is perfectly smooth and slick, so as expected, traction is dismal when wet, although the large footprint helps to minimize this on surfaces like wet grass… This tire is SUPER sensitive to road crown, and it basically likes to go where it wants, like some crazy horse, and the rider is just trying to hang on.

The tire is EXCELLENT for riding on a perfectly smooth, and level surface. It rolls smoothly with minimal resistance, and allows for very easy turning and cruising. I’m sure it would be terrific for uni-hockey or basketball, if you insisted on using a 24" wheel.

As much as I have tried to master it on the local roads and parking lots, this tire is just too wild for use on roads that have any sort of sideways crown, the insane turning ability is hardly comparable to my duro leopard, even at the highest pressures.

If you wanted a tire that is sick for gliding though, this might be it… I’m not there yet, so I can’t comment on how practical it really is for that. In my experience, though, the lowered rolling resistance was not worth the trade off of control offered by a DH tire. While it feels great on a very level surface, attempts to cruise around result in fighting for my life just to go in a straight line, and a complete inability to do so without waving my arms and upper body around like someone who appears to be totally out of control :slight_smile:

I think this tire needs to stay on the 3G cruisers, not really appropriate for street unicycling as far as I can tell. Unless you have god-like control and balance mastery, this tire will turn a regular muni into a psychotic speed machine that is much harder to control than a knobby tire.

This tire turns if I even think about leaning in the far back of my mind. A tire for someone who is very relaxed and focused while riding, and not for those who need a tire that will track straight without constant minute corrections.

Nice review, Did you try hoping or any trials stuff? How boulncy is it compared to nobby 3" tires? Any inprovements in hopping hights?

I think the total air volume inside it might be slightly more than the leopard 24x3, so bounce is very good, maybe even a little better. Of course, if you’re running it at the pressure where it will bounce, the giant footprint results in very squirrely handling during normal riding.

The Hoggy-G is more bouncy than the Fireball (and all the various tires that are copies of the Fireball). It can be run at a slightly lower pressure than the Fireball and that allows it to get a little more bounce.

It is more sensitive to road crown than a knobby tire like the Gazz. Most slicks are that way. It is fussy about tire pressure. There is a very narrow range where it will behave well. You can’t run it as soft as a DH tire like the Gazz. You have to run it at a firmer tire pressure.

I’ve used the Hoggy-G for urban riding with my muni. It works well for sidewalks and playing on stairs. I like it better than the Fireball.

Maybe a DH tire, like the Duro, with the knobbies all worn down would be a better urban tire. It’s worth a try if you’ve got an old DH tire that has been worn down.


Omg that was loud. Ok well. Anyway, news…


I was experimenting with tire pressure as it relates to turning, and I had the Hoggy-G filled up to a paltry 40 PSI, it seemed to be turning well. I began hopping on it a bit to see how it would bounce at this pressure… not even hard…

And it EXPLODED!!!
then my awesome DH tube exploded from the sudden expansion as it escaped the tire…

The metal tire bead poked me quite insanely as well, on it’s trip out. Good thing it didn’t go in my eye!!! :open_mouth:

So don’t get this tire if you do trials unless you plan to keep it at low pressure, in which case it will stick much too much to be useful. I think I’m going to check out something <2.5" now, and with some kind of tread on it to keep the contact patch smaller so I don’t need to inflate is so high to get it to turn with me…

Should make a neat necklace, or frisbee… Not… LOL

Well, we can have fun seeing how far it can be rolled, or something. Ugh.


Oops. Didn’t expect the scene too closely.
The Hoggy-G held out like a champ! It’s still in one peice.

THE FREAKING POS RIM that came with my Nimbus exploded!!!
Good god.

I guess this might be because the tire is so huge, and the rim isn’t really that wide. And it’s a POS!

I didn’t expect THAT to happen. Oh man.



Wait for it…


I hope this wasn’t one of the famous dx32 rims, because that is likely the only hope I have to replace it with.

Guess this is a good excuse to upgrade to splined, since I have to build a wheel anyway.

Better make use of this hub anyway…

I wonder what kind of rim I should use, apparently the one I had was one of the widest available at nearly 40 mm.

There is a decent selection on udc, maybe I will check that kris holm rim? The sidewall looks the same as this one, but I guess this would have never have happened if I hadn’t tried to do freestyle with a rock hard 3 inch tire…

that same thing happened to my brothers nimbus muni not long after he got it!
it split and exploded where there is a groove in the braking surface of the rim, apparantly this is a wear indicator,
this is obviously not up to the added weight and stress placed on riding on one wheel.

That is an impressive bit of rim destruction. Flying shrapnel from the rim is hard to beat.

I don’t know what rim is on the Nimbus Muni. They don’t mention the exact rim in the catalog and it’s hard to guess just by the picture.

There’s a good selection of suitable 24" rims for muni. The new KH rims should be good. The KH Freeride rim is really wide. The first batch of KH rims had problems with the same type of rim failure you experienced but they’ve got that sorted now. Shouldn’t be a problem any more.

The Alex DX-32 is also a good rim. I have one on my muni. Never had a problem with it. There are different flavors of the DX-32. Some have eyelets and some do not. Some have machined sidewalls and some do not. Get one with eyelets. The machined sidewalls are only something you’d want if you have a brake. The machining actually removes some metal from the sidewalls and may make the sidewalls less strong. I’ve used the Hoggy-G on the DX-32 with no problems.

The Arrow Racing / Airfoil rim is also good.

The Sun Doublewide is also good.

Lots of good choices.

The KH Freeride rim is the leader now in price and performance. It’s hard to justify a $60 or $80 rim when you can get the KH for $30.

I would say the best rim for unicycles is the arrow racing rim. Stronger than dx-32’s, strong as a doublewide, but with a welded joint and a nice braking surface.