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I would also like to say THANK YOU to Sarah and Richard for writing the reports
and i’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who came especially as the
weather was so bad <br> With special thank you’s
to Derek and Michel who came from Leeds and Brussels to me this shows great
commitment from everyone and it shows just how much we as unicyclists are
prepared to do for unicycle related events and it also shows that we as
unicycists are willing to travel,be knackered all in one day just to keep our
hobbie alive <br> For me the event was
more social thancompetative <br>A hug’s prespective of the weekend
<br> Richard and co arrived @
5.00 and we sat,talked ,ate mince pies until my parents came and made us food.
As Richard said we went bowlingand i for the first time in my life didn’t lose
wow! but i did keep up my title of winning pool without potting any balls.
<br> In the tour round Hastings
Richard wanted to paddle in the sea and the fountain but being spoilsports we
wouldn’t let him but we were going to let him shout abuse @ all the goths
outside the pig (the local grunge pub) but there were only 3 so it wasn’t
worth it. We wouldn’t let him break into the castle or go on to the pier (
it’s been closed for the last 2 months)
<br> Derek and Miarik arrived and
while Derek was starting up strange convosations we’d already had, Miarik was
eating our chocolate ( wise bloke) by the way guys it’s still
6.57!!! <br> Sunday morning and
thanks to my dad we had toast coming out of our ears no dad we don’t want any
more 3 minutes later 8 more slices of toast.
<br> After we’d finished the juniors game,
we tided up went home to get a bit of rest, with drinks later on with an old
Hastings member Howard from Manchester. <br><font size=+1>MERRY CHRISTMAS AND