Hockey Tournament Saturday 25th November, Manchester, UK

The Denton Unicycle Club (DUC) will be holding another hockey tournament on Saturday 25th November.

This will be held at the same venue as usual. That being…

Egerton Park Community Arts College
Egerton Street
M34 3PB

The tournament is for everyone, whether you’re just a beginner or seasoned pro! We’ll be splitting everyone into scratch teams to balance the sides out as best as possible. Nobody will be left out - if you turn up then you’ll be put into a team.

There will be a beginners only game to start things off. Then everyone will be put into scratch teams for the tournament proper.

This will all take place between 12 noon and 6pm. The cost is going to be £7 for adults and £5 for the under 16’s.

The hall itself is large, perfectly suited for hockey and has a relatively new floor (plastic pedals only). There are shower facilities for the ones that require them.

There will be free tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the afternoon.

For the ones among you without SatNav, here are the Directions:

From junction 24 on the M60, follow the sign for Denton A57 to the second set of lights (sign posted Audenshaw, Arrow Trading Estate) where you turn left. The road then bends to left and then to the right. After this right bend take the first road on your right into Egerton St. We’re 200m on the right, just after the college main building.

Alternatively, join the M67 at junction 24, turn left at the first exit (junction 1A) and Egerton St is the 3rd turning on the left.

Note: please ensure that you use plastic pedals and NOT metal ones.

We’ll be able to do pick-ups and drop-offs from Stockport station if you’re arriving by train.

So far we’re picking Jonny up at 11.34. Let me know if anyone else wants picking up.

If anyone would like to stop over at our place Saturday night, then you’re more than welcome to. We’re having the loft converted at the moment to make more room for people to stop over, but unfortunately it won’t be finished in time for this tournament :stuck_out_tongue: . It would help us though if you could let me know in advance.

Unfortunately there won’t be any muni ride Sunday morning this time, due to other commitments - sorry.

See you all there.

Steve & Stu

Ooh, unicycle hockey, I’ll be there :smiley:

This was a great event last year. Unfortunately, it is my birthday - unfortunately, because I will be away, and unfortunately because I will be even older.

But it was a great event last year, and I commend it to anyone who can make it.

Although I remember it being very hot indeed, so perhaps it wasn’t last year in November, but it was a great event anyway.

I will be in dear ol’ Deb’n.

I think there’ll be four of us from Macclesfield coming. Myself, Pete and two newish riders.

I’ll come!

Just trying to work out buses. Accommodation on the Saturday could be very useful if you’re sure you don’t mind.

No Muni! What kind of hockey tournament is this :wink:

I’ll be there.

Exactly! Pleased to hear you can make it though.

Unfortunately it’s going to be ‘just’ the hockey tournament this time. There are talks afoot at having another tournament in January and another one in March. I’m sure we’ll be back to normal with the Sunday muni ride by then:D .

That’s no problem Beth. We usually have between 4 and 10 stopping over after the hockey. Just bring a mattress and sleeping bag. Most usually make use of the showers at the hockey.

Have you decided to go to Darmstadt? If so, then I’ll see you there. Most of the guys going to Darmstadt also will be in Manchester for more hockey the week after.

Incidentally, we usually get between 25 and 30 hockey players turning up for the hockey in Manchester. We have enough time for all teams to play against each other twice. I don’t know what standard you are, but if you are a beginner then you’ll have your own game to start things off with.

See you all there.

Cool! The more hockey the better. We are even starting to play regularly in Bristol.

I think Sarah is planning a South West tournament in early January and there is an EMUs one, too. Might need some careful coordination.


I’m going to be there.

i’m hoping to be there .
complete novice

Bump. Nearly time for more hockey. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great, I haven’t played for ages :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

Haven’t played since the tournament in Spetember so I’ll be rubbish. I might bring a couple of Cambridge riders along if I can persuade them…


In that case I might come too…

I’m always rubbish and I’ve never played since the previous tournament. I’ve got no one to play with and no where to play. (Que to violins)

Steve, bit late notice I’m afraidd but Pete’s lift has just fallen through. Will you be doing pickups from Stockport station again?

'Fraid I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow I’m off down to Bristol tonight for a juggling convention tomorrow.

I’ll PM you pete’s number so yout can call him.

All sorted. I’m picking up Jonny, Beth & Pete so far at 11.30.
There is room for one more if anyone wants a lift.

See you all there.