Hockey: The EMU is not a water bird

Some of you may have heard about the recent floods in the North of England which has been causing a fair amount of disruption ar ound the country and the local unicycling community is no exception the hardy East Midalands Unicyclists (EMU’s) practise outside on an all weather pitch(a statement turns out to not be completely true) So it was with heavy hearts that we hear that the pitch had been flooded and was out of commission - the pictured below was taken about 12hr’s after the maximum level - So practise is off again tomorrow as we’ve still got 12" of water on the pitch - fingers crossed for next week


thats a beautiful picture. i live in the midlands!

Trust me its not beautiful if the pitch is under 3 feet of water and you’re about to miss the 2nd week of hockey in a row with limited chance of it being dry for next week as well :astonished: but I guess it has a certain charm

I can understand why you didn’t want to use the fire puck tonight :stuck_out_tongue: but balls can float and there is no ice, therefore no excuse for not playing :smiley:

Hope it dries out for next week.


waverunner hockey time!!!

12" of water, that’s only just over your axle. You might want to use the orange ball rather than a tennis ball, though.

Great photo Roland. I’m assuming you were told you couldn’t play, otherwise I’m sure you’d had a go. Can you imagine what fun Parry would have had with all that wet stuff? Maybe it’s a good thing you weren’t allowed to play in the end.

On cokers with shortish cranks you wouldn’t even get your feet wet…


unicycling hokey on a corker! that would be interesting…

Can’t take credit for the photo it was taken by one of our other occasional players Andy H who lives very close to the pitch.

The “Rangers” did indeed say that the pitch was closed however the whole area rather stinks at the moment, now whether this is due to simply the water or wether its sewage related who knows - they’ve assured us that it will be being jet washed before we use it again so that’ll be a nice spring clean.

We have had “Big Wheel” hockey nights in the past and people have played on cokers they’re kind of like ocean liners and “pass through” the game at high speed rather than necessarily being integral parts :slight_smile: