Hockey summer fun


Tonight was a “pimp my ride” night at the EMU hockey. The theme was
summer and the turnout was… ok. The efforts ranged from none (didn’t
know/forgot) to a few really good outfits.

It was decided that the teams would be chosen based on pimped/not pimped
status. This meant that the sides were perhaps a little less balanced
than usual, but personally I thought that it was good to have a bit of a

Despite the low number of fouls (5 SUBs, 2 high sticks) and (in spite?)
of the thorough thrashing the non-pimped team got (15/2) I think it was
the most interesting game we’ve played in a while.

There was lots of excitement with shooting - both myself and Gary H
(opposite teams) made everybody worry with our shots on goal as they
were consistently off, with Gary managing to get no end of glancing hits
on the goal posts. Mine were much wider off the mark, but I did feel as
though I played better in other parts of the game.

In the evening heat the costumes gradually started to disappear and more
normal clothes appear in their place. The odd ball going over the fence
was gratefully received, with everyone rushing to the goal to get their
water and have a drink.

All of this was carrying on quite as usual when suddenly behind me I
heard a loud bang and I saw Darren coming off his unicycle. The side of
the rim on his unicycle had sheared off, allowing the tyre to fall off
and burst the inner tube. We stopped for a while as everybody admired
the break (the second of this type to happen to an EMU) and Darren ran
off to my car to borrow my muni, which I had with me luckily.

All in all, a cracking evening.

I’ve put a few pictures of the costumes and the broken uni at

Darren also has better pictures of his wheel at



It was a good game and the final score didn’t really reflect the game play as a whole. My targeting was certainly slightly off, which was a tad infuriating as I had some good passes to me then I didn’t put it away.

The summer theme wasn’t over subscribed (my effort was last minute) but I thought both the Andy’s looked good :astonished:

It was the first time I’d seen a rim go like Darren’s did, it looked like he’d used a tin opener on it, hopefully UDC sort him out before next week.