Hockey sticks (jolly or otherwise)

P Selwood (Sprint) wrote:
> Street hockey sticks are fine!
> To make things even cheaper, just buy the blades and make your own sticks from
> leftover bits of wood - just make sure you sand them down well!

Many thanks to all the kind people that replied.

We are now kitted out with some splendid sticks. I found some blades yesterday
for UKP4.50 each but wimped out and bought some ready made sticks at UKP9.99
each. The main reason being that the sticks had “flat” blades (rather than being
specifically right- or left-handed) and we wouldn’t be able to guess what
proportion of left- to right-handed players would be involved. It also meant not
having to find bits of wood and turning the kitchen into a workshop… :wink:

Anyways, it seems that many people make their own sticks and that’s what I plan
to do when we need some more (when I haven’t got people saying “haven’t you got
those sticks yet?”). On to the question… How long do you make the stick? :

  1. As long as a street hockey stick - so you have a semi-homemade
    street-hockey stick.
  2. As long as an ice-hockey stick - so you have a plastic-ended
    ice-hockey stick.
  3. As long as you can without the opposition complaining that you can stand at
    one end of the pitch and SUB at the other.

> Have Fun!!

Fun? Fun? You think we play for fun?

Regards, Mark.

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