Hockey in Hasting

Many thanks to Ann and cco of the Hatings Uni Group (HUG) for all their work
organising todays Uni hockey tournament.

It was great fun and good to see some old friends again. There were about 44
people splilt between nine teams. Some teams came from one club, others from
roughly the same area, one team had members from Cheltnam, Glouster, Reading and
Brussels. I played for my old team Bristol as my new team Lunis had more than
enough people by the time we arrived.

The day was won by Horsham Reds ( or was it Blacks) with the Horsham blacks ( or
was it reds) coming joint second with C&G ( and Reading and brussels). The
Fancey dress competion had several winners, Richards uni won with its Christmas
tree outfit compleate with flashing fairy lights and baubles. Kids winners were
a pair of hastings girls ( Liela and friend) as Father Christmas and a Hula
dancer. Adult winners were Claire and sarah as an ice sprite and nativity play
sheperd respectivly.

Paul won best injury for his bruised nose caused by a rouge ball flying into the
spectators and knocking him over backward - quote from a player " I watched the
ball , you were sitting there, then you dissapeared". Joe earns a mention for
his bruised nose too, hit by the ball during a game, he retired hurt, then
bounced back into the game to play the final few minutes with gusto. Dereck
clinched furthest traveled ( in one go) having driven down from Leeds via
Harogate, somehow piping Michel ( from Belguim) to the title.

The day was wound up by a Juniors match to wear out those youngsters who still
had excess energy to burn, not sure who won that tho, it might have been the
Hulas or it might have been the Hugs.

A good time seemed to be had by all.

I’m sorry if I’ve missed any thing out or got the wrong winners or runners up,
but feel free to corect me. sarah

Ps teams playing were. HUG red, HUG black, Horsham red , Horsham black, Leeds,
Lunis, Bristol, C&G, Molesy.

Re: Hockey in Hasting

A Bristol perspective…

We left Bristol about noon on Saturday, weather was still good. We got down to
St Leonards (next to Hastings) about 5pm, which wasn’t too bad. Had a warm
welcome from Ann & family, lots of hot chocolate, pasta supper, wine, etc, then
out for an evening of bowling & pool. I got the lowest score at bowling (40!)
closely followed by Ann at 45, disappointing her for nicking her rightful place
at the bottom of the league. Ann & I then took on Jamie & Dom at pool, we were
7-0 down when they potted the black - result!

Then a tour round Hastings by night, thanks to Dom driving, seeing all the
seedy haunts. They wouldn’t let me paddle in the fountain or break into the
castle though.

Back to Ann’s, and Miark & Derek arrived about midnight, down from Leeds. More
drinks & chat, then to bed, with me nicking the futon, because Ann had promised
it to me weeks ago when I arranged everything. Plus I had a bastard drive to
look forward to on Sunday, so needed a good sleep.

Sunday we woke to extreme ice all over the car. Ann’s dad cooked breakfast, with
more toast than you could safely shake a loaf of bread at. Defrosted car, then
over to the YMCA just in time.

Good turnout, about 45 players (9 teams). Bristol team was me, Alan and Jamie,
plus guests Sarah, and Leila from Hastings. We lost every game, due to extreme
un-fitness and lack of practice (I missed about 4 really easy goal shots in our
last game).

Prizes were awarded, including very groovy medals, crafted in shiny metal
courtesy of Dom. In addition to the winning team, I got one for my
flashing-light fancy dress unicycle Christmas tree. I was well chuffed.

We loaded up the car and came back for the final match, Hastings kids v Horsham
kids (a ‘friendly’ match). Good playing, and nice to have a rest. Exchanged
Christmas cards & thank-you presents, said our goodbyes & hit the road whilst
there was still some daylight. Declined an offer of supper round Ann’s - shame,
but we really needed to get back while we could.

Journey uneventful, slow but enjoyable, with lots of good chat with Alan and
Jamie, most of it unrepeatable.

Got home to find back door frozen shut, including cat flap. Two cats inside, one
outside, very grateful to me unfreezing it. Couldn’t open back door, still can’t
this morning, so in round the front, lots of cuddles for the cats, rattled off
thank-you emails, and collapse into bed.

When’s the next one?

    - Richard