Hockey in Bristol (UK)

I’m finally getting my arse in gear, and doing something about reviving the Freaks unicycle hockey team in Bristol. I don’t have a venue yet, but I have at least made enquiries. OK, a single enquiry - booking a hall at my nearest leisure center would cost just shy of 30 pounds per hour, subject to approval by the centre’s manager.

I’ll cast the net a bit wider, but I need to gauge the level of interest, to figure out what the venue budget is. If you’re interested in playing hockey in Bristol, please respond with your preferred frequency, duration, and cost for meetings.

To start things off, I’d prefer a weekly session of 1.5 to 2 hours, ideally costing no more than a fiver. However, at the price quoted above, that would require 9 to 12 regular players to break even. There’s still has some money in the team bank account, but I’d prefer to use it to buy equipment rather than lose it all on hall rental.

I’m also wondering whether we would need any kind of insurance.

Emunicyclists use an outdoor 5 a side pitch / tennis court thing, it’s basically the size of 2 tennis courts side by side. It costs way way less than a hall (I think it’s about £17 in winter with floodlights, or less in summer when we don’t need the lights). We charge £2.50 a go and have money left over to make goals, cover much of the cost of tournaments etc. Lunis in London have recently moved to doing this too. As well as being cheaper, you don’t have hassles with school summer holidays and the like.

Plus if you play outdoors, you join the elite group of hardcore all weather unicycle hockey teams, both of the current outdoor teams were in the UK final at BUC this year, and our second team was in third place too.

Seriously, whilst it may seem a bit like it’ll not be fun playing in the rain, once you start going you don’t notice it and it’s great. The only time there’s any hassle is when the pitch ices up, but that’s usually only once or twice a year.

If you’re not running an organised club and no-one’s making any profit, it’s worth checking if your home insurance will cover you for personal liability. I think emus don’t have any insurance though, to be honest having insurance only makes it more likely that people will threaten to sue you, the no win no fee people will know they’re much more likely to get paid off by an insurance company even in the case of a blatently stupid thing like suing someone for an accident at unicycle hockey, where they’d never win in court.


I’ll be up for that. The more the better really. Midweek rather than at the weekend would make it easier to make it regularly (mon-thur). We might have to take a bit of a hit on the price while things get going. I’ve got a few spare sticks.

The hall should have some kind of insurance. They might say it doesn’t cover us so we might be able to make it a SWUM event and be covered by the insurance Sarah sorted out.

hockey in bristol

I’m keen to do some hockey. Have lost my stick and not played for about 8 yrs but willing to give it a bash. I’m happy to try outdoors if that’ll keep costs down.
Can do most evenings after about 7.30pm. Drop me a text to say where and when as internet access is limited. cheers