Ho hum!

It doesn’t seem long since I used to forget where I’d left my reading glasses for days on end, and defiantly read my Kindle on the smallest font.

Gradually, I have found that I need them more and more to read menus, and texts, and ABVs on beer pumps.

Today, I only remembered I had my reading glasses on when I was half a mile down the road on my unicycle and it started to rain. I then rode about 10 miles peering over the top of them like a moistened librarian and arrived home soaked to the skin.

Mike, you’re confused. Those are now writing glasses. You’re an author.

I feel doubly slighted by fate in regard to losing my visual acuity because it used to be so good! Until halfway through my 40’s it was at 20/20 or better in one eye and at 20/20 in the other. Then something happened, but nothing in particular. I got older.

Now I read virtually entirely on kindles and with a big font. Like most older people, I can still see across the room just fine, but need glasses to read a book or an ingredient list.

And as always been my habit with glasses, I leave them all over the place at random and then wonder where they are. I like really nice glasses too, so that can cost a lot of money over time. So now I counter that by getting cheap ones by the fistful at the dollar store and keep them all (or as many as I can find) in a little basket. They don’t last long, but at a buck each, they don’t have to, and I can lose or misplace them with impunity.

Thanks for the thought, although now that the first book is out there and the second one is slow to start, I think “procrastinating glasses” might be the more apposite expression.:o

same for me … quote by a friend of mine : “If there was only a worsening eyesight! :D”

I’ve had glasses since I was 16. Haven’t needed new ones in the last 12 years so my eyes are kinda stable. I only have trouble with things far away, so unicyling with rain isn’t a pleasure. When I look over my glasses I don’t see anything, nor when I look through them. I really need glasses with screen wipers.
At least I never have the problem of not being able to find them, as they are always on my nose.

  • Don’t generally need them when I sleep…

I have it bad, I only have one pair. When I misplace them I can’t look for them till I find them.

Seems like people who have worn glasses since their youth usually have good glasses habits. Those of us who didn’t need them until later in life are perennially losing them or forgetting to put them on or take them off.

Who else has “looked all over” for their reading glasses, then suddenly noticed that they were still wearing them? :angry:

I remember during my first year of college first noticing that I even had a minimum comfortable focusing distance. About 20 years later, that distance moved out past my normal book reading distance. It took a couple more years for it to reach my normal computer monitor distance, but that happened too. Not much change lately, and there probably isn’t much focus accommodation left to lose.

Yup, just the other day I was looking for one pair for hours and couldn’t find it. It was only when I scratched my neck that I found them hung from the front of my t-shirt collar, the usual place.