hmmm? this is odd....


why are the prices so different???
both are in USD.

so see how bad shipping and taxes would be from germany. but yes somewhat odd.

I’m geussing about $20 shipping from germany

And also weird, the 2007 kh muni is more in Germany ( than UDC, yet UDC is nearly DOUBLE the cost of for the 2007 cranks! Go figure.

59,00 euros isn’t USD… ??

Under the navigation menus on the left side, there is a currendy selector.

Right. $543 for the KH 2007 muni at $520 at UDC.

I use this for calculating money

Did you know that 100.00 USD= 11,923.16 Japanese Yen?

Maybe is selling the cranks by the each, while USA is selling them by the pair. :wink:

The pricing differential on the new KH stuff is strange. Maybe the currency conversion, shipping and other fees took a big bite out of the stuff sent to the USA.

If so then they should say it on there. I would be very sad if I ordered some and I got my package with only one crank.

That was the reason for the wink. I wasn’t being serious about it. It looks like they are selling them by the pair.

the original(U.S.) is evil that’s why.
exhibit A
exhibit B
exhibit C
they’ve been over-inflating prices for years. Remember the days of the 600$ steel kh frame?
they also have been caught posting false weights of various components in the past

ahhhh the dm vortex

so beautiful


dm vortex


Most of the unicycles and parts in question are manufactured in the far east. Price differences between Europe and the US probably have something to do with the cost of getting them to those locations, including whatever tax or duties are incurred when crossing borders.

Do you know something we don’t about how much it cost to build those unicycles, or the wholesale price from builders, who made the frames (and DM hubs?) by hand? They were state-of-the-art when new, but since then they’ve been passed up by much cheaper models that are as-good or better. “Evil” is the person who posts accusations without knowledge.

Caught? False? Please provide examples of intentional listing of incorrect weights. The key word is intentional.

There’s a reason for only having “two left!”. UDC just needs to update the prices on those, or give them away, or something…

I received two reply emails almost immediately from, stating that yes, the price for a pair of the 2007 KH polished aluminum cranks are $64! (not $74 as listed!) That is indeed USD, not euros. The shipping is $40! But even with the high shipping charge, the total is still far less than UDC w/ shipping.

Yes, their time has passed. I love my Wilder, but there’s really no reason to buy one now, except as a rare, handmade collectible. Also a great unicycle of course, but only if you have money to burn. So I guess the hope is that eventually buyers will come along for those “historic” models. For example, the ATU was the first unicycle with a splined axle (other than custom made ones). Was the Vortex the first one with a brake?

Other possible reasons for price differences between different sites selling the same stuff:

  • Pricing errors (as noted above)
  • “Introductory” prices that may be higher or lower than later ones
  • Different costs of doing business based on location and size of business

you also have to pay an extra 10% for customs to the us. But germany is way better than UDC US!

I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of 165s to augment my 150s. Maybe we could buy a few sets together and save on shipping???

yeah, materials couldn’t have costed more than 80$(generous) for those frames. You’d have to be a really slow frame builder for the end result to be 600$

What about the guy who thinks he’s getting the best of the best, and forks out 1500$ for a muni to find out that he still has a flexy plastic seatbase, no brake(and never will), and a weird random seat tube size. Just because they where “state of the art” 6 years ago dosent mean that price is still justifiable. Would you pay tripple the amount for a 6 year old car that is lower quality than a simillar 2007 model car?

Here’s an idea! lets put one of the the cranks on backwards and try to sell it as a whole new unicycle! Even though anyone can to this to the unicycle they already own, the novelty wears off after 5min, and it should have an eccentric wheel. We should be able to catch some poor bastard who dosen’t know any better, and make a few bucks. EVIL