hmmm.... help please

where can i get some 20" muni tires that will fit my torker unistar

since not many people ride on mountains with 20" wheels, one wheel or two, these will be advertised as trials wheels. and since i’m not into trials or riding on 20" wheels, i don’t know more. but this will help you when searching the web

i know not many people ride 20" but i thought i might want to pick one up to try muni sometime

20" Muni

You probalby need a knobby BMX tire like the Maxxis Max Daddy.

See this thread.

Almost all MUni tires are 24 or 26 inch, so you’ll need to look for a trials tire. Here’s a good one:
It’s out of stock right now, unfortunately.

i think i am going to get the bmx tire