Hmm, Mexican....

Am I right in thinking that a 10" drop and a 70Kg (155 pounds, I think) rider should not taco a 24" nimbus II wheel?

The other interesting thing (possibly) is that the weld in the rim appears to have mostly seperated. It looks intact on one side, but across the middle of the rim thre is a definate gap. Does that make it needs a new rim? Which means paying for a wheel build too. This is looking nasty. Why did I have to taco a wheel at the weekend when I can’t phone

yeah I think 10" your rim should be ok, but this still is way over the advised limit from

Other factors go into making taco’s too how you land is a big one. I have yet to do it to my uni luckyly but talk to Dylan, or Dustin thoes guys have done it plenty of times. You can probably get a new rim for fairly cheap, and either try and build your wheel yourself, or get it done by a local bike shop for another $20 or so.

Good luck


I didn’t know there was an advised limit. If I had I would at least have considered not doing the drop. Where do I find these advised limits?

Luckily for me Roger has offered to swap the rim. I feel obliged to buy another uni now. Bloomin’ student debt.

Cheers anyway


At the moment I have a cheap $200AUS unicycle and it only started breaking at about 2’ drops. Even then, it wasn’t the wheel that tacoed it was the cranks and then the hub. I weigh between 60 and 65kg.


Not being able to find anything on referring to a recommended drop height for any rim and not knowing the Nimbus II, I’ll at least put down the first things that came to mind in reading this thread.

10"? Ten inches? That’s “way over the advised limit from”? Wow. I must say this doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Unless the Nimbus is a notoriously weak rim, I can’t see how 10" would be considered such an extreme height. Granted it is high, but keeping in mind most curbs are in the 4"-6" range, another 4" shouldn’t push that to a “way over” range, at least with my logic it shouldn’t.

Considering the rim is seperating, I would be much more likely to say it’s defective and use this as the reason for the mexican adornment of your rim.

Anyohw, that’s from my soap box.


I know for some of’s uni’s like this one they rate the wheel for drops. The united its said is rated for 4" drops I personally think it could probably handle much more than that and be ok. The offroad Yuni (Nimbus II to you britts) is rated for 12" drops This includes the Sun BFR rim which is a bit beefier than your typical freestyle rim. Note that not all unicycles have this rating, but the ones that dont seem to be the ones that arent intended to be doing drops at all.


I didn’t see the drop ratings because I was using, which has a slightly different format.

I think I’ll just have to get the halo combat rim. Student debt? Ha! My excuse is that even with a new wheel I’ll break it eventually, so while it needs a new rim I might as well get a good one. It’ll save money in the long run. I hope.


Re: Hmm, Mexican…

Damn, I looked at this at first and thought it said 10 FEET! woopsie.


Sorry, did I say inches? I meant feet? I just thought it should have been able to take more than that. :smiley:

Anyway, I’ve gone for the new wheel option: Black halo combat rim, black spokes (nice), susue hub, ception muni tyre. I’m returning to that drop soon. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Solves the getting the uni home over christmas problem as well: Bin the biggest bit, and get a new wheel delivered to home.


Ha! I’ll be able to say “You’ve lost a wheel!”

I’m looking forward to friday now… :):):slight_smile:

Phil, just me

(Thought No. 2)

A “new wheel”, or “bits of a new wheel”? This pre-built wheel sprang to mind; that’s the one I’ve got…

Phil, just me

how do all u guys break so much stuff.
i’ve done 5’ drops on a £60 raleigh uni and done no damage.
that might just be me, but 10" sound tiny, but i think the nimbus wheel is design predominantly for freestyle and is therefore not meant for drops, i’m probably wrong

i’m only 50kg, but that shouldn’t make that big a difference!

There was one on the techno games last year. It was quite fun. Steering was by a fan on each side of the wheel

oh no, i think i’ll change it now

“Remote Controlled Unicycle? That’s one for the people a Lego Mindstorms!”

I want some. But I don’t want to afford any… :frowning:

Phil, just me

Hey, I’m doing electronic engineering, that sounds like a good project. Harper brings us the geared hub, I’ll start working on a uni with autopilot. :sunglasses:

I’ve just realised that I’m going to have a quality uni with my new wheel. Buying a good uni by stealth. Great fun.