Hitting the Books (Bro n' Sis Vid)

Hitting the Books is really my creation/ idea of “hey haven’t done a vid in a while, lets go make one” sort of attitude. I haven’t made as many videos because I would much rather ride, then cart around my lil’ Cannon camera. So here it is, hopefully it captured the feeling of the fun I had creating this vid and the pleasure I get from it sharing with you all. :slight_smile:




vimeo is private

Nice video! How long has your sister been riding?

Should be fixed now

Thanks dude, means a bunch :). The sis has about a month under her belt? It bugs the crap out of her that I am… more proficient (for lack of better words) at some stuff, and it drives her to practice a bunch more. Gives me a riding buddy which is awesome.

I don’t have any sound on this computer, but it looked pretty good:o

Well, you have been riding a lot longer than her, and men do better than woman at virtually every sport. W/ unicycling in the US I think it’s a bit more that many women aren’t interested.


Cool shizzle. Be supportive of your sis, girls riding is rare;) .

nice vid, cool to see more girls riding!

Maaan, I wish I could get my little sister to ride.

Cool vid.

My sister gave up! She only tried for a week or two. Cool vid too.

What uni is your sister using?

The blue 20in version of the one below with a nimbus seat. She really wants another and hopefully we will get one for her, but like most if sort of confused on what riding she will do. She does like Muni a bunch more then I do, so maybe those cheaper KH24’s are in her future?

Mighty Nice! Family Uni-Harmony…
Good thang.

2 more riders in the area is always a good thing. I need to schedule a meet up for the DC area sometime now that my knee is healed enough to do short rides. I can dust off my trials uni and get something together.

My younger sister also rides by the way. She joined the unicycling showtroop I was in when I was 12-13. It was fun having another person in the family who rode, but she wasn’t as into it as me and doesnt really ride anymore. She CAN still ride though b/c you don’t forget how to ride a uni.

Has your sister seen the Unigirls vids?