Hit by a Car...

At least he did stop and apologise…If it hasn’t left you disabled or out of pocket i don’t think it needs to go any further…just see how it goes now i guess.

In other news the guy who hit me has just been round and handed me a wad of cash to cover my loss of earnings. we just been stood on the front talking for half an hour and arranging when to go and have a drink.

Really a very nice guy :slight_smile:

Or an uninsured/banned driver who doesn’t want anybody to find out.
(but then I’m just a cynic)

From what he was saying it’s more like ‘an insured driver who doesn’t wanna pay through the teeth for his insurance for the next 5 years’

If he was uninsured then he wouldn’t have come back round yesterday to check i was ok and offer me compensation…

You’re probably right.
Glad you got away with fairly minor injuries anyway - that’s the most important thing. I wish you a speedy recovery.


Thanks Rob!

Oh and sign my cast! :slight_smile:

The car and driver should have been reported. But you didn’t. I am glad that you are ok. It’s amazing that one of the first things looked at is our unicycles. In February some lady ran a stop sign in Delano, CA and hit me as I was going across the street. I landed on the hood of her car and slid up to windshield. Then she had the nerve to say I wasn’t looking. Like you, after I got her straightened out and she started apologizing, I forgave her and didn’t report it. Still I should have reported it. You too. One thing I would like to know is why we don’t seem to register to the drivers. The lady that hit me, looked straight at me and then drove right into me. It sounds like your driver did the same thing.

Because her brain was set on “car”. This kills a lot of bicyclists and motorcyclists. It’s something I think we’re all guilty of from time to time. Every once in a while a bicyclist “pops up” on me, when I should have noticed them earlier.

Be vigilant, everybody. That’s for when you’re driving a car. When riding, be paranoid. Not to the point of losing sleep, etc., but to assume the cars are not paying attention. It works a lot better if you assume this is true of all cars, than to not apply it to the rare car with a driver that’s zoning out on you…

A few weeks ago I was pulling out of my neighborhood onto a main street. Looked both ways, started to go, and as my head swung from my left to the front again, there was a guy on a bike crossing directly in front of me as I rolled forward. Scared the crap out of me. Sure, he was on the wrong side of the street, but he’s not the only one. Got to keep remembering to look for those boneheads as well.

It’s also a good idea for us to remember the “zombie look” thing. That’s where the car driver appears to be looking at you, when actually they’re looking right through you. So much for eye contact. I need to remind myself that this happens, and be prepared. I try not to go in front of cars unless I’m pretty sure they know I’m coming.

IMO the right thing to do was report it to the police. That doesn’t mean you have to persue compensation or even press charges. But police forces generally log this stuff and if, for instance, it tallies with a number of other incidents by a car matching the same description then you could help the police fix a genuinely dangerous driver.

It’s not just people who claim money that’s the problem, it’s often also the drivers who want to evade responsibility. A friend of mine agreed to resolve the writing-off of his bike (due to a careless driver) without going to the insurer. The driver later refused to pay up because they didn’t believe a bike could cost more than £100 - he was actually already trying to claim really minimally and omitting stuff he could have asked them to pay. He got the money for a replacement bike in the end but it caused him vast amounts of stress on top of the psychological damage and physical injuries.

I’m glad the guy who hit you seems like a decent sort and that you were able to resolve stuff amicably. Even in that case, though, if he’s not reported that he had an accident (which the contract can require regardless of whether you’re claiming) then he’s in breach of contract with the insurance company and paying a lower premium than he ought to be.

Depressingly, what I’ve seen of drivers trying to avoid insurance claims has just made me more determined to do stuff “by the book” if I’m in such a situation, there’s just too much to lose if you try to be amicable and the other guy acts in bad faith. :frowning:

I would have taken his information (license plate, name and phone number) and if health issues came up because of it later, I would contact him. Mistakes happen, I dip over the stop line sometimes. But running a stop sign is different. Also hit and run is a MUST report. But I bet he won’t do it again!

Well, I finally got it today. I was riding down the street on the Coker. A lady in a minivan speeds up from behind me, brakes hard and makes a right turn in front of me, cutting me off. I wasn’t going fast (I had the 150s on) and was only about 2 feet from the intersection when she whipped in front of me. I let out a few loud “WHOAs”, quickly dismounted off the back and the rear quarter panel of the van hit my red platforms. No damage to me or the uni, but it left a nice set of gouges in her sheet metal.
She attempted to set me straight:

  1. Are you even allowed on the street on that thing?
  2. I didn’t think you were going that fast.
  3. I think I have the right-of-way.
  4. I had my turn signal on.
  5. Didn’t YOU see ME?
    I did a fairly good job keeping my cool while I shot down each of her excuses. Finally she asked if I was OK, to which I responded “Yes! Thank God I’m not DEAD!”, but I informed her that the damage to her vihicle was her problem.
    I remounted and started on my way. Half a block down the road, an off duty police officer slowed down beside me and asked if I was OK. He had been sitting at the traffic light at the intersection where the incident occurred. I assured him I was OK and everyone went on their merry way.
    I hope that this is my “when not if” moment, but I highly doubt it. The majority of drivers do seem to see me on the uni partly because it is such an oddity around Central Pa. But there are always those who are completely oblivious to anyone else on the road - preoccupied with makeup, cell phone, kids in the back seat, cataracts etc.
    I will take some of the blame only in that I was on a fairly busy road at a bad time of day - 3:30pm - when school lets out, and I quickly moved over to the side streets for the rest of the ride.
    Be careful out there - the world’s a dangerous place.

Drivers who hit pedestrians and immediately drive off as fast as they can to avoid getting in trouble is one of the most disturbing things I can think of about our society.

I agree. However, I’ve recently witnessed an individual who admitted involvement in something similar and was screwed royally for it. It’s not just the running away that’s disturbing, but sometimes the “justice” that’s dealt out.

Report everything and anything, only by reporting does the threat of punishment prevent the crime.

Sadly, after many years and thousands of miles riding on the road, I no longer feel safe competing for space with cars, so I don’t ride or run roads unless they’re closed to automobile traffic.

Simply said, they don’t care, they expect us to take responsibility for their irresponsibility.

It is a sad reflection on society, but it is the society we have created, so we’re all responsible for the monster.

Yesterda, while stopping for a pedestrian in a cross walk, cars approaching in the opposite lane did not stop. As I flashed my lights and the cars kept coming, I turned slightly into the opposing lane, just enough to get the oncoming driver’s attention. And yeah, I got her attention, she cursed at me and continued driving her very large SUV through the cross walk without stopping. Fortunately the pedestrian was paying attention and waited until all the cars stopped.

So sad.

Here in Altoona Pa, we call pedestrian crosswalks “sucker walks” because you have to be an idiot to think cars will obey the law and stop for pedestrians. We even have 3 foot high moveable flouresent signs that they place on each side of the crossing reminding people of the cross walk laws - they get tossed in the parking lots or run over. Central Pa is not pedestrian friendly. We have a 5-lane highway that cuts right through the middle of the city that does not have a pedestrian cross walk for 5 miles. It’s a shooting gallery.

Wow, so nice to know the cops are out there working so hard! So you were struck by a moving vehicle and that guy just watched the whole event? Strange.

Sadly, there’s nothing new about it. Running away from responsibility is so easy to do in a motor vehicle…

Beware the stories told by your friends about accident situations that seem unjust. Though this can happen too, more often it is likely that the teller of the story is leaving out important details, or possibly even lacks full understanding of the gravity of the situation they were involved in.

I’ve lived here all my life. I don’t know how it is where you live, but around here you can get extremely frustrated and waste alot of time waiting/expecting/demanding/requesting/pleading for the police “to protect and to serve”. No one was hurt. I gave her a verbal lashing. Remount and move on with my ride to the lake. Otherwise I would have wasted an afternoon of riding and had absolutly nothing to show for it. (I choose my battles with a bias towards ones that I actually have a chance to win.)