Hit by a Car...

I was unicycling along, riding home from school. I was on the sidewalk on a relatively busy street, and as I crossed one of the side streets (in the crosswalk), a car ran the stop sign and whacked me. They weren’t moving terribly fast, maybe 3-4 mph, but they clearly ran the stop sign, several other people saw it and mentioned the fact that they ran the stop sign. I’m generally O.K. I forgot to get the license plate, so I only have very menial information about the car. Aged driver (50-60), grey car, older model.
I’m not hurt badly, a scrape on my elbow and left thigh, and the unicycle is fine (as far as I can tell).
I’m just curious of your opinion; should I report it?
Thank you.

Welcome to the club mate!

I got hit by a car yesterday and broke a couple of bones!

The car was going about 30mph though! :astonished:

If there’s no real damage done can you really be bothered with the hassle for it to probably come to nothing but a bit of wasted police time?

Not saying you would be wasting their time just that probably nothing will come of it…

If you are ok, just leave it. Shit happens. Enjoy riding :slight_smile:

Are you really 14? I mean, if you are, what do your parents/guardians have to say about it?

Having a unicycle with you shouldn’t make any difference to whether you should report it or not. I’m not trying to be mean, but I do wonder why you’re asking about this on a unicycle forum instead of asking someone nearer at hand in real life.

OK - Advice: Report it. The worst outcome is nothing happens, which is what you’ll get if you don’t report it, too.

THANK YOU. That’s exactly what I think! My parents want to report it, but there’s been no real damage done. Reporting it would yield no results and ultimately be pointless. Thanks for the replies.

Trust me, I asked them. They ended up reporting it, just in case it shows something worse later on.
My mother got hit on her b*ke about a year ago, and just found out that it resulted in two herniated disks and a nerve problem in her shoulder.

I hope i don’t show something worse than a broken thumb and big toe once i’m all healed…

I hate to say this but… for fucks sake, do you all want uni riding to end up in the cycle of claim, get insurance, price you all out of getting out of bed?

Shit happens - take risks you can afford.

Not me mate…Didn’t even report the guy who hit me.

Then outta the blue, when he finished work, he turns up at my door and offers to pay all my loss of earnings.

I knew this was leaving him skint so we came to an agreement of a smaller amount :slight_smile:

Where’s the need for court and solicitors and insurance b*llocks when all you need to do is talk :thinking:

Yes Juni… respect to all parties in your case.

I think if everybody was like that our world would be a much much better place. Unfortunately, many people don’t think the same way…

Amen to that!

Too many people after a quick cash score now days…

As it is when the guy finishes work tomorrow we’re going out for a pint :slight_smile:

So i may even have made a new friend :sunglasses:

I’m glad it got reported. You were probably the 35th person he hit with a car.

Injuries often take time to surface, as your mother discovered. If the incident doesn’t get documented you will never have recourse.


So, did the guy stop and talk to you? Did other people who saw it come over? What was said?


I’m really sorry about that. I’m glad you weren’t hurt.

I was hit by a stationary car a few weeks ago, that really sucked.

Not in the least. Maybe you don’t realize this, but you were the victim of a hit and run. This guy hit a kid with his car, and just drove away? I think this is a felony. In any case, it is not the type of thing to be shrugged off. He needs to know this is not okay.

Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed apparently. Risks you can afford? He was crossing a street, apparently in a crosswalk. Is he supposed to stay home? Use a helicopter to avoid cars? What? BTW, nobody mentioned insurance, or lawsuits until you did. :roll_eyes:

Now that we’re all discussing it, this would be nice to know. Good lessons for future occurrences that might happen to the rest of us.

And glad you’re not injured! Always try to make eye contact with drivers. As you now know, sometimes they’re not paying attention and we cyclists don’t have steel shells.

If you get hit by a car, report it. This is not something you should be apathetic towards.

Its not about making a claim for $$$. If you don’t report, and no one else reports, then how can you expect relevant parties to be aware of dangerous traffic locations? Some police are unlikely to care, but there are plenty of police who do.

Become a statistic. Statistics are useful.


This made me laugh austin :smiley:

Gotta watch them damn stationary cars, they can be worse than the moving ones! :smiley:

Oh…If this guy didn’t stop to check you were at least ok then it’s a whole different kettle of fish (not sure where that saying came from…It’s early though :D)

People who hit and run deserve to have the book thrown at them, literally!

The first thing the guy that hit me did was ask if i wanted taking to hospital but i just asked him to take me home thinking i was just a bit bruised and shocked…

It seems like I need to be a bit more specific.
I was in the crosswalk, he ran a stop sign. There were several people in the car, and a kid. After I jumped right up to make sure the unicycle was out of harms way, he climbed out of his car and checked to make sure I was OK. I should have mentioned this earlier, but my right shoulder popped out for a few seconds before it popped back in. He probably shouldn’t have taken my word for it that I was OK because I’m now experiencing a muscle issue in my left leg. (It’s a twinging pain that goes from my knee up to my crotch, but it’s not an issue of soreness, and it doesn’t hurt to the touch; only when I flex the muscles there, like when I’m going up stairs or running. Every once in a while it gets numb and tingly.) I didn’t think to ask him for information. The man apologized as well.

Plenty of drivers stopped to check on me and make sure I was OK. One who was going down the busier street turned around and came back. He reassured me that the driver was the one at fault, and offered to give me a ride home. I politely declined, my home being about 1 mile away.

I’m planning on waiting to see how I develop with rest over the weekend. If what I think is a muscle issue doesn’t improve by Monday night, I’ll see if I can get in with a doctor. I’m expecting improvement though and I don’t particularly want to deal with a doctor.