Hit a new max speed (22.5) on guni

I went for a ride on my local bike loop, which is 3.35 miles and quite hilly. Last week I hit 22.0 mph for a split sec but averaged just under 15 mph for the full ride, coming in at 13:20 for the whole ride. This time I was feeling really good, and as I checked my GPS watch, I saw that I was keeping up really high speeds (like 18 mph on flats). I even maintained 10 mph or more on the uphills, so I never had to hear the squawk of my watch (which screams at me when I dip below 10 and chirps lovingly if I exceed 20).

When the riding was over, I had finished the loop in 12:42, averaging 15.8 mph. As I rode down the long downhill near the end, I heard sustained and repeated chirps as I maintained a speed over 20 mph, a first for me, tho it only lasted a few seconds. Best of all, perhaps, was that I’d hit 22.5 for my maximum speed, the fastest I’ve ever unicycled.

Early on in the ride, I had to navigate thru (but mostly past) a big crowd that happened to be exiting from a late circus performance in the park. Luckily I wasn’t slowed down much by the group and only lost a few seconds at most. I think that I can do even better the next time I try it.

One funny thing: When I crossed the ‘finish’ line, it took me nearly 20 seconds to slow down safely to a stop. I have fairly short cranks, so I don’t have a lot of leverage when it comes to slowing down that much. I can only imagine what it’s like for Brian on his 40mm cranks!

wtf is a guni is it a geared uni¿


Good speeds man!

I got 19.9 mph on the Coker with 125’s once.

Only once.

But 22.5 mph on a 28/29" (I’m think thats what Guni’s have?) is mighty impressive.

Now my Coker has 152’s cos like you say, it helps with the stopping distances. I used to commute on a 24" with 89’s and it took forever to slow it to a stop.

I had to plan where I wanted to stop in advance on it!

Impressive speeds anyway, man! Keep it up!!


Yeah, my guni wheel is a 29".

When I’m at speed, I have to plan stopping in advance. The same is true (to a lesser extent) on my Coker. I have often told people it’s like driving a big truck. I now ride a Coker with 125s, but I used to have 110s. They were pretty tough on hills, and there were a few times I had trouble stopping in time and had to jump off at high speed.

Well done that is really cool, i had a go on rogers sclumf the other day i think i got 14 or 15 but it was only in a tennis court so i didnt have much time to speed up,

Roger has done 24 mph virging on 25

but really well done averaging 15 is really cool unicycling is almost becoming a practical mode of transport lol


I think “madman” would be more appropriate.