History of Unicycling?

hello everyone, im at school right now and im in the process of researching my topic for my project: unicycling. could someone please provide me with a brief history of unicycling? thanks a lot! Kevin… i won’t copy it word for word, dont worry.

Unicycling was a barren wasteland of nothingness.

This was before December 2000.

This was until…Sofa bought his first unicycle, and the sport has been growing in popularity ever since.

*unbiased report

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First off you should search this forum using the words “history”, “ordinary” or “penny farthing”. The last two are the names usually given to the 2 wheeled machines from which the unicycle is commonly thought to have been developed. You might also want to search on the name “Neuhausen”; some have claimed him to be among the first to make a unicycle while others disputed this; there has been, I believe, some discussion about it here.

As an aside, you should also look into standards for doing citations from Internet sources, as much of your material likely will be from it.

Lastly, if you have access to the book, “Unicycling from beginner to expert” by Sebastian Hoher, it has a few pages on the history of the unicycle at the end. If you do not and you have access to a fax machine, send me the number in a private message and I’ll send them to you. Jack Wiley’s books may have sections on unicycle history, but I have not seen them and so don’t know for sure.

An interesting topic to be sure. Unfortunately unlike the bicycle which revolutionized transportation on a mass scale the unicycle had for obvious reasons limited impact and so its history has not been well documented.

I hope you are not like me and this paper is due tomorrow, in which case my offers are probably useless to you. :wink:

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There’s a big chunk o’ history in Wiley’s Complete Book of Unicycling,
available at www.dube.com

Briefly, Ordinary bicycles (the kind with the giant front wheel) are
absurdly dangerous - brake too hard and your rear wheel comes off the
ground, at which point, if you’re normal, you crash. If you’re a god of
balance, you can ride it that way for a while. Cutting off the frame and
rear wheel makes it even easier…

Like that. Yes, you are in a long line of seriously crazy people. Welcome.

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Here <http://www.eenwielersite.tk/>is a website in Dutch with some
unicycling history. Click “geschiedenis”.

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