Hiring a videographer

I have a bunch of ideas for my next video, which I think will be my most elaborate to date. There will be a few comedy bits too, plus a 9 stair set attempt. (maybe even a 10!)

But for this one, rather than shoot everything static with a tripod, I want to have a professional, or at least very experienced videographer shoot it from interesting angles, tracking shots, wide angle on some, and with a high end camera.

As big plus it would be great if this person also had a pro editing program that could help me edit it with a really polished and professional look…for once lol! Should I just look in the yellow pages, or does anyone here have advice for finding somebody who can do this type of shooting?

How much do you think 3-5 hours of the videographers time would cost? This total time would include going from place to place and setup time, and actual shooting time would be maybe 45-60 min of raw footage at most.

Just to warn you, you probably won’t be able to get together a very good video with only 60 minutes of raw footage. I usually use about a half a minute for each hour of footage in a lot of my videos.


30 seconds of useable footage is all you get out of an HOUR of raw footage? So for a little 4 minute video, you need EIGHT hours of raw footage? Wow! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

haha yeah. I like putting tricks that I work on for a long time in my videos.

I would think it depends on how many locations you use and your success rate in each take. Doing a trials or street video may take more time due to maybe falling off or messing a trick up. If you are doing mostly MUni, or cokeuring and you have a good success rate for each take, you’ll probably take less time.

Just my two cents.

Yeah. I like putting new tricks and lines in my videos, so usually that involves very large amounts of trials before I get each one.

So then why not pratice/rehearse the tricks 'till you get them the way you want 'em, then turn on the camera!

It’s kinda like when I’ve done TV; first we rehearse to get everything right, THEN the cameras roll. Will still do some extra takes if necessary, but all the hard work is done before they say “action”, so only a minimum of taping is needed. :sunglasses:

I dont have much advice, but this sounds like a sweet idea, and maybe expensive. lol

Im excited to see the end result.

Yea… I usually use a lot more raw footage then that to. Mostly because I set up my camera and film myself trying something for a long time before I acually do it. That way I have every attempt, so i can pick a good fall to use, and also me acually landing it on film. I could end up with 30 mins - an hour of footage just for one line or trick. But I guess it would depend on the type of video it is. If there is more cokering around, then it wouldn’t take very many attempts to get the shot you want, and your shots would be longer then just a small clip of one trick.

Good Luck with your video, I’m looking forward to seeing it

Because, here is an example.

I spent about 4 hours in one day trying double rolling wraps. I filmed all of it. by the time I did it, I was way way too tired to even think of trying another one, to hell with the 3 time rule.

Good luck with the video.

haha well I’ll have to try that method! But I can’t do all that cool flatland and street stuff, so that probably explains my lack of hours and hours of raw footage lol! But I am trying to learn 360 unispins, leg/seat wraps (or w/e they’re called lol) and crank flips, so I will probably need to have extra DVR tapes on hand!:o

Maybe you should consider taking a Video Production class. I imagine hiring a professional videographer will be very expensive. It may be more beneficial for you to invest your money in a class and learn the basics of production and editing. From there you may make some connections too.

In most cases, the capability of the camera has nothing to do with the quality of the production. In otherwords, it’s not about the camera, but the person operating it.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I already enjoy your videos as they are. But I look forward to seeing this one if you go through with it.

EDIT AGAIN: If not a class, I strongly recommend this book. A bit pricey, but I’ve learned a lot from it.

i can do back flips now :sunglasses:

Now that’s some dedication!

I’d get too bored trying the same thing over and over for four hours.

Although once when I was learning to ride backwards, SIF, & SIB I did them alternately for six hours strieght, only breaking for water, a bite of food, or the bathroom.


And maybee meet someone who has proffesional aspirations and is willing to make your vid as a way of showcasing their video tallent.

Thanks. Well, my main motivation is to have somebody else shoot the video, instead of my using a tripod and shooting everything static. Even if I used my camera, and I did the editing as usual, at least it would look better than all tripod shots imo.:slight_smile:

I’ll do it.

Of course :slight_smile: I kinda looked over your main motivation accidentally. You obviously can’t achieve those tracking shots without a video crew.

You have the right idea in using the tripod though. A videographer would probably use a tripod for most of his shots. I’m really impressed by a lot of the videos some of the people on these forums make with just a camera and tripod.

I filmed for 6 hours.
I used less than 1 hour of footage, but that’s because if the trick did not come out right, I would rewind and do it over. All this for a 4 minute vid.

Sorry, I am on the wrong coast. :roll_eyes: Fly me out and I will do it for free.:wink:

I’ll take you up on that! When can you do it? I know you live about 90 miles away…but maybe you could just fly one of your airplanes out to Torrance airport, and I could meet you there! :smiley: