Hire or Buy 24/26/29 Muni for West Coast Road trip

Afternoon all!

I’m taking a holiday on the West Coast later this month flying from England.
My old Qu-Ax 10-spline 24" is a bit beefy to put in my already full case and to pay for extra weight would be more than it’s worth.

I’m looking to buy or rent something on my tour so I can do some Muni, preferably something cheap but robust. I’m in Cali and Nevada twice so I could even pay to rent it (with a deposit!) if anyone is keen.

I’m travelling roughly from Vegas - Mono Lake - Crater Lake - Seattle - Portland - San Francisco - Santa Cruz - LA - San Diego and back to Vegas.

If anyone has something beaten up or neglected I might be interested.
It doesn’t have to be pretty but I might pay to take it home anyway (happens to the best of us :wink: )

Looks like I’ve sorted something out; a chap called Eric in Las Vegas has something for me. Wonder if he posts on here?
Had to change my parameters but the net was fairly wide to begin with. Gone for a KH36!
Problem solved.