Hip Sip 70 production update

my LBS store owner was able to convince one of the rather robotic emploee’s to look around the wharehouse for one.well like happens to much with people on the phone who say they dont have anything,this guy “was shocked” he found three! why are companies so lazy as to not even know their stock? anyway i got the last black/blue one,the two others i think were black/brown.

and another strange thing.upon making the order,someone else on the phone mentioned that although the hip sip 70 was out of production for now,they mentioned it may be reintroduced???

maybe a sudden spike of interest?

Whats a nip sip 70?


its a song by The Diamonds

oh! you ment Hip Sip not Nip sip i guess.heres the link http://www.hydrapak.com/packs/hipSip70.html