Hip Meets Rock

On my most recent ride, I was riding on a very lumpy rock surface, and near the middle of the line, is a two foot drop. I was riding it for the third or fourth time, trying to ride out the landing on the drop into a trough. It was just sprinkling – enough to moisten the surface of the rock. Having worked the previous 30 feet navigating the hardest line I could find, I made it just to the drop, lost my balance, the tire slipped downward to the right, I dropped with it, and my hip caught a crushing blow as I glanced off the edge of the rock.

Hip meets rock.

Needless to say, I didn’t land the drop. Four more attempts, were just that – attempts – no hands up or lauding by the nearby birds, just an “ohh F—”…

My next project is to incorporate some internal sleeves for some padding that can be inserted for rocky riding conditions.

Here’s the picture:

Here is the surface and drop.

I took the line coming down from the right and ending just above the right corner of the image.

Haha, Nice bruise there rod!

Cool tattoo:D

Two words: Hockey shorts!

Get some of these here http://www.baseballexp.com/baseball/productDesc.do?productDesc=750
thay are padded sliders. Go to your local baseball supple store(try to find a baseball store not sports but purely baseball) thay are very well padded and thay work well when have baseballs hit your inner thighs and hips i cupple times a day. and most help keep you cool.

there are some downhill/freeride bike shorts that have hip pads. pricepoint.com just cleared some out. i got some for like $25. they might have some left, otherwise some downhill biking website/store should have some. when not on clearance they can run $70+ easily though.

I switched on a big floodlight because I couldn’t fathom the shadow there. It looks like more than a two ft drop. Cool riding area! Cool bruise too.

That busted me up. I hadn’t heard that one before.

I would only get those if I get the helmet to go with it. It would be a must to get the full on face cage with the helmet. :astonished:

Interesting. I always wondered how those players slid into home and didn’t get road rash. Unfortunately, I get uncomfortable in tight biking shorts, so I am not sure they would work for me.

That’s good. I will check into it. Dang, I just bought some shorts through one of the other online bike places and spent 50 bucks. I figured they would be expensive.

The question is comfort. Are they all stiff, like walking in a paper bag?


Yeah, when I posted that image, I “saw” the darkness at the bottom. Thanks for the strobe light. I was out there mapping(walking) the area yesterday, and looked at that drop and it’s farther into the trough than two feet.

the freeride shorts are pretty comfortable. kinda thick nylon if you’re used to regular mtn bike baggy shorts. sturdy as all hell too though. much better than jean or khaki shorts.