Hip Flexor Issues 36er

I developed an irritation in my right hip flexor on my Night rider with 110mm arms. Has anyone else experienced this?

There was a time when I rode this unicycle exclusively over a hundred miles a week with no issues. Eventually my hip flexor began to feel strained after 15 mile rides and it’s been severely limiting my time on the wheel.

Some other information:
I ride my bike over 100 miles a week and no amount of bicycling has ever aggravated my hip.
No amount of rest helps the issue. I’ve taken six months off and the pain comes right back after 10-15 miles.

Does anyone else have this issue, possibly stemming from very short crank arms?

Which muscle is bothering you?

I have been having pain in my left tensor fasciae latae (I had to look it up, I’m not that smart :wink: )which is one of the hip flexors according to wikipedia. Time away from riding hasn’t helped, and it shows up on uni and bikes. The only thing that has made a difference for me is regular stretching. I focus on leg stretches, and specifically twisting ones that seem to target that muscle as well as the lower spine muscles that are also included in the hip flexor set.

For me it doesn’t seem to be related to crank length, but I keep wondering if it isn’t about seat height/angle.

I definitely have something going on in my hip. I’m not sure if it’s a muscle or what, kind of behind my hip. I’ve also tried taking a couple of weeks off, didn’t help. It’s my right hip and it is definitely way tighter than my left. I guess I should stretch it somehow.

Mine actually started when I was doing a lot of idling on my 20, I went to short cranks and a high seat, then it reared it’s ugly head. So I stopped the 20 riding and switched to 36, it’s been 6 months and it’s no better.

Does it happen on totally flat roads or when ridding a lot on off camber roads? Might be unrelated but perhaps the tire pressure/road angle is to blame. This has happened to me on the tiny amount of road ridding I do with low psi

I notice this a lot when riding on off camber roads. Eventually my left hip begins hurting, usually after about 10 or 15 miles. This does not happen on flat roads, so I assume the angle is to blame. Just my two cents.