Hints for riding in 30cm path

Now that I have finished the hints for riding off of the curb, I figured I would
try another one. This time I am giving hints for riding between lines 30cm apart
for 10m. Once again, I am open to suggestions and revisions.

Beirne ----------- Cut here -------------------------------------------- Ride 10
m between two parallel lines 30 cm apart

Depending on where you take the test you may ride on a 30cm plank rather than
between two lines. In either case, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the start of the measured path. When I took the test they had poles to
    hang on to.

  2. Look straight ahead and go to the end of the path at a steady pace.

Notes and Hints:

Don’t ignore the advice in step #2. If you look down and carefully try to stay
on the path, you will probably end up watching yourself go out of the lines. If
you can ride steadily, then you should be fine if you just aim toward the end of
the path and go.

If you can’t stay in the lines, you will want to work on stabilizing your
riding. Work on the basics: Back straight, lean slightly forward, keep your
weight on the seat.

Beirne Konarski bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu ----------- Cut here

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