HINT: how to get rid of that excess Fusion cover lace

Step 1 – Tighten the seat cover.

Step 2 – Tie the lace securely.

Step 3 – Undo the rear bumper.

Step 4 – Wrap the excess lace around the seat post once.

Step 5 – Pull the strings back and feed them around the rear bumper bolts.

Step 6 – Apply bumper squashing the excess lace.


interesting idea.

when i tried to put mine back on i did it rtarded. i couldnt get it tight so i had to wrap it around the post a few times so i could make it tight and tie it to the post. it was dodgey but it does the job. i usually just push te end of the laces into the sides of the saddle so it stays there

I have a rail adapter, so I just tie mine up and in around there, but your idea is very interesting, other than that, I don’t really find it that annoying.

That’s a complicated solution for such a simple problem.

Try tying a fat knot and tucking it underneath the crossed laces. Voila! No wrench needed!

Why is the drawstring even needed?
Get rid of it and then you don’t have to deal with it at all.
The stretchy fabric on the front and back of the Fusion cover will keep it snug and in place.

I don’t entirely agree with that, while it would keep it in place I feel like it would still move around quite a bit, it would need a bit of redesigning. Even with my drawstring on and tied it still seems to be loose sometimes still so I end up having to tighten it up.

One thing it should have is grommets for the drawstring holes… I fear ripping my cover by tightening the string too much.

I don’t need the seat cover that snug. I’ve been using an air seat for my muni and previously my Coker for many years. The cover has always been free to move a bit. The only thing holding the cover on is the front handle and rear bumper.

My current Coker saddle is a KH Fusion foam over a Miyata style CF base with a KH Fusion seat cover on top. I removed the drawstring from the seat cover. My muni is an airseat on a Miyata style CF base with a KH Fusion seat cover on top. Again, no drawstring. My trials seat is a Viscount foam on a Miyata style CF base with a KH Fusion cover on top. Again, no drawstring.

Sounds like an interesting saddle, got pics?
PS. I am and advocate for a tightly laced saddle, but maybe I’m just pedantic?

There’s a picture in this thread. The Viscount foam is working well. Comfy and well shaped.

I had a Viscount seat so I cannibalized the foam from it. That’s about all that a Viscount is good for.

I’ve done that. Admittedly it was on an air saddle, so I probably pumped it too hard … I need to sew the cover back up now :frowning:

I definitely agree with you, there needs to be something.

I just use a 20-18" piece of webbing from REI they cut it for free and its only like 30 cents. It works well and you can get cool colors like purple:D

Fusion covers kind of bug me. I don’t like how the cover goes across the bottom and the laces are annoying. I like covers like the Miyata or just the stapled ones because they more comfortable to hold. That might not have made sense but it did in my head.

I sometimes worry that too…But i have mine wrenched up pretty tight and it hasnt ripped yet…Ite will soon though.

that what i do :slight_smile: