HillUnicycles.com ??

Has any one else seen this site, Is this someone on the forums?
The frame and seat look pretty cool


Had this discussion a few days ago:
http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40841 nbo-one sees to have come forward as the owner however.

What are hilly unicycles!?!?!?! The video for some reason won’t load on my computer, description of what they are please.

Sorry, feel free to trash and/or let this thread die.

thought i could attach a screen capture but couldn’t maybe someone else can do it for you.

Thanks man, your avatar is cool!

Here’s a screen capture from the video on hillunicycles.com. I can’t get the video to play all the way through.



Played great for me, and that is one funny advertisement. I missedthe first thread on this, so thanks for the repost. Must have been posted when I was out of town.

The google link says "Light, Versatile, Sturdy, Fun Orders yours today "

Does “Fun Orders yours today” Mean the orders are fun? or is there just an extra “s” :smiley:

You Northerners. It’s Hillbily speak. It doesn’t conform to the rules of standard american english.:smiley: It probably doesn’t even make sense to another hillbilly. Just shake your head and say hmm hmm or yep.