Hillside Coffee - Self-Heating Container?

EDIT: O M G, I’ve posted in the wrong section :(. I can’t believe I’ve succumbed to this. Let it die! Let the thread die…

Please refer to this thread for discussion.

Wrooooooooooooooooooooooong Fooooooooruuuuummmmmmmmm!

Wrong Forum!!!1 :angry:

Noob! You can’t even crankflip your coker!


Yeah? Well you can’t crankflip at all. You still haven’t even 360 unispun. :slight_smile:

i can crankflip, backflip, fakieflip, and hickflip but I still can’t 3 spin

360unispins came after most of those things for me as well but its just the general progress people seem to take that the 360unispin is their first real trick.


If you had time to edit it, you could have easily deleted it.

I’m reporting this to the moderator.

Thats a waste of your time. Gilby isn’t going to do anything about it.

You just wait and see.

Sorry, I’ve never made a mistake like this and wasn’t aware that you could delete threads. Be my guest and report it though.

But you could get banned :astonished:

For making a mistake? I didn’t accidentally post SPAM, I accidentally posted in the wrong forum. If I deserve to be banned for that, then so be it.

I’m not posting in this thread anymore. I asked in the first post that no one post anything…but I’ll ask again.

Please do not post anything else in this thread.

Like he said, theres no way he would get banned for accidentally posting in this forum, its not as if Gilby is going to do anything about this thread anyway. Its just not his style of moderating and I can respect that.

OMG! Any last words before you get banned?

Okay, I’m waiting. :slight_smile:

If Gilby doesn’t remove threads joking about rape then there is no way hes going to remove a thread about self heating coffee. If he did address this thread and not the other one - then that would most certainly be my last day here.

Which thread was that? :thinking: