Hills practice, sheeeeez-ola!

Preparing for the hilly mini-triathlon, I went out last night to climb some hills. (29er with 125s) There are little hills around but I had to ride 1 mile from the house to find a suitable candidate.

Rather steep but only 150 yards long up one side and 250 yards up the other side. So I went up one side, down the other, turn around, back up, then down, turn, up, down…

Spikes the heart rate quick! Noticed that after a few, going down got progressively more tricky. More jerky. So I had to descend less aggressively in order to stay on the wheel. Going up just a matter of persistence. Going down much more an art.

I might want to install that brake after all.

You need a coker with 125s!!

It is soooooooo smooth going down hills!

Re: Hills practice, sheeeeez-ola!

I am not an expert rider, but I suspect there may be at least two
different ways of going straight down and thus your legs will
not bear the same effort.

to oversimplilfy: in one you are overly defensive (that is:
it seems that your body leans backwards) and in the other
you look like being more offensive (your torso going downwards)
in that last case the sensation on your legs muscles is very different.

may be by switching between these positions could you relieve
things?( :thinking: ?)