Hillbilly gloves vs. Kris Holm gloves (or anything else?)

I have semi-freakish hands and surprisingly the hillbillies actually fit me. Yes, the gloves are hot and yes, I wish the straps were longer. I’ll keep using my really old but fraying rolllerblade guards which left my wrists and hands totally uninjured when I did a header and broke my foot last summer.

I get the same measurement by that method that you do. I’m thinking full-fingered, though, considering that I my previous pair of gloves has almost all of the fingers covered with duct tape where they wore through, presumably saving my actual fingers. Yeah, they’ll be hot, but I’m used to that. It’s not like everything else isn’t.

My current grey/blue gloves aren’t a much better match with my color scheme than tan would be. I guess tan would approximate the appearance of not wearing gloves, but it would probably look grotty when dirty just like my grey ones do. Black would at least match my shoes. Unless I got tan five-fingers to approximate the appearance of not wearing shoes.

So… the hillbillys fit you, but you don’t wear them. You wear the old wrist guards even though their days are numbered. I can actually identify with that. I bought a set of knee/elbow pads to replace my old ones. The new knee pads are so bad that I am still using the ones that they were to replace. The new elbow pads aren’t great, but they’re usable.

Hill Billy Vs Kris Holm Pulse

I have used both gloves before and here is my take.

The Hill Billys are much more rugged gloves and will last a lot longer. With the Kris Holm Pulse goves your fingers will rip though the tips and some seams come undone.

The Kris Home are much more comfortable and allow you to get a much better hold on the seat handle. The palm protector is very anoying and makes a really uncomfortable hold on the saddle handle.

If you are doing any sort of trials flatland or street where SIF is important to you do not buy the Hill Billys. Get the Kris Holm gloves!

If you are a bigginer rider or a muni rider that does not do a lot of jumping or grabbing onto the saddle handle then go for the Hill Billys.

I myself will not buy the Hill Billys again. I will buy a new pair or KH gloves every half year as they wear out. They are just so much more comfortable and you do need some protection when you catch yourself on gravely asphalt or on rocky terrain.

Yeah, those were pretty tough and well made wrist guards. I still have my 20+ year old TRS Rollerblade wrist guards and use them when skating on inline skates (or skating on anything else for that matter), but I did have to re-stitch some of stitching that came loose last month. I just followed the holes that were already in the leather and used a standard sewing needle and black thread. That worked well, and I still use them frequently, but I doubt they’d work well for unicycle riders that need to grab a brake or seat handle, and those needing full-finger protection would certainly want to wear gloves underneath them.