Hillbilly gloves dyed hands

I’m thinking of a pair of hillbilly gloves for the fall. I see there are some complaints of the dye coming off on your hands. Any personal experiences and insights would be appreciated.

I never noticed that. I did have to stitch them up some around the fingers though.

From normal wear or from crashes?

Just normal wear. I’ve had them for about 8 months now and they have deep scratches on the palm guards. I’ve hit the ground countless times on them and sharp rocks more than once and haven’t had any injuries to my hands or wrists. There were stitches between the fingers that did come unraveled though.

Not perfect, but I’d buy them again.

I’ve had a pair for about five years and haven’t notice any dye bleed.

I bought a pair recently. You will have blue dyed hands for your first couple of rides, but it seems to stop pretty quickly.

I’m very happy with my pair, but if it’s not cold then a pair of standard skateboard wrist guards are just as good and less intrusive.

In the fall and spring I wear my 187 killer pads with light gloves under them which works just fine. I was thinking I would like to have a protective glove / wrist guard for cooler times of the year.and better finger protection. I have read hillybilly mentioned often on this forum. When I read some reviews I saw the dyed hands were mentioned often.

Does it wash off easily?

I purchased a pair a few months ago and I have never noticed any dye coming off. My hands are fairly hot and sweaty in them, so I think I’d see an issue if there is one.

Do note that they make it hard to grip a bar, so I’m not entirely thrilled with them. On the other hand, I’ve had a couple of UPD’s with them, and my wrists and hands are in better shape with them than with the usual cycling gloves…

I’ve been wearing wrist guards for many years. The ones I use have a hard plastic splint on both sides of my hands. I have been able to get used to wearing them and riding with my T Bar. I must admit my hands get fatigued while wearing them and holding my bars so I switch off from both hands to right then left to help minimize the fatigue. I work with my hands and can not afford a broken wrist so I never ride with out them, never!

Sure, it washes off pretty easily, and it’s not much, either. It’s not really a problem at all.

I find them a bit more bulky than my wrist guards, but the added finger protection is nice.