Hill Unicycles

Has anyone else clicked on the link for hill unicycles in the advertising bar on this forum? I’ve never heard of them before but they look interesting, just wondering if anyone else had any other information as the site has one short video of the owner (presumbly) riding one of their products around a dirt parking lot, and nothing else as of yet.

The frame looks similar to Georges collapsible snow frame, except without the collapsibility or the width to go on snow…


I clicked that last night.

Is it just me, or does the links on the side not work?

No they don’t, although the guy does mention in the video that he’s working on the website, presumably not finished it yet. I don’t suppose anyone who lives near him would like to phone him and find out more?

Looks like Bevans Trails frame.

…wait, Bev’s done with his “Trails” frame? Why don’t we see the pics on the forum?

Yeah, I like the non-functional links on the spartan site. I can’t even see the video… is this another “Nimbus” scam site? Does this guy request your money orders be sent overseas? Are we sure the phone # doesn’t forward to some stolen cell phone? WTF, dude!

No he’s certainly not selling it as a Nimbus, the frame seems to machined from billet aluminum, it looks like quite a good ride, i don’t think there’s anything dodgey going on, just some guy has made himself a cool frame and figures he could make some money by building more. He just asks that you phone his cell number if you’re interested and he’ll get back to you.

The video shows with IE but not with Mozilla/Firefox. Maybe he’s using an ActiveX control to do the video?

It works with my Mozilla/Firefox. Looks like a cool frame, is that a one of a kind seat too?