Hill climb races in the Northeast.

Hey all,

Here are a couple more mountain climb b*ke races:

Mt. Ascutney, VT on 7/23/2005 Fee is $35


Mt. Equinox, VT (early August) Last year’s fee was $50.
The website is not yet updated with this year’s date, but it’s on for sure as the guy in charge emailed me.

I’ve emailed both organizers and they say they’ve never had a unicyclist, but both said they’d be psyched to have one.

I’m tentatively planning on riding in both of these, and maybe the Mt. Wahsington race, 8/20/2005, though that one is $300.

Anybody else want to join me?

I rcvd another email from the Mt. Equinox race and it’s officially Aug 6,2005.

Also, here’s another race to consider: (digigal?)

Sorry to keep bumping this thread, but I have some more info to sweeten the pot, so to speak.

None of these races, to their current organizers’ knowledge*, has ever had a unicycle entrant. They all seemed psyched, and all offered some kind of special recognition or promotion.

These are just long, steep paved roads, but nothing fancy. Come on, no one wants to ride in any of these? I’ll offer transport from Albany,NY north, for any folks interested from south of me.

Whiteface Mtn., NY on 6/11/2005 Fee is $60
Mt. Ascutney, VT on 7/23/2005 Fee is $35
Mt. Equinox, VT 8/6/2005 (Last year’s fee was $50)
Mt. Washington, NH 8/20/2005 Fee is $300 (whoa!)

*I corrected the Mt. Washington organizer, pointing her to the unicycle record from 1991, near the bottom of this page:

She didn’t know about this and has only worked on the race since 1995. The guy’s name is John Walters, and his time was 2:18:50 for the climb. Does anyone know him?

Those other races look interesting. I’m already planning on doing the Mt Washington race, so those would probably be good training.

Do any of the other races have competitive registration? The Mt Washington race apparently fills up pretty fast.

Ben and I are planning on doing the mount washington race, and I think i should be able to make it to the rest of those races as well. thanks for posting I never would have found any of the others. looks like a whole lot of climbing this summer.


oops ben beat me too it.

AFAIK, only the Mt. Washington race has “competitive” registration as it’s become a legit pro-cyclist race in recent years, hence they can charge so much cashola. Registration starts for that one tomorrow, BTW.

What kind of equipment are you guys (Ben Plotkin-Swing and unicyclejoe) planning on using for the Mt. Washington climb?
My limited choices are a stock Torker 24LX, or (as I’d prefer) my new KH29XC (with stock 150mm cranks).

Do I need to swap out the cranks if I want to use the 29? Should I forget about using the 29? I hope I don’t need to buy a whole new uni. 8-P

Steve, just spend a lot of time climbing on your 29er, and gradually you will be able to answer your own question. But there should be no need to get a new uni, just perhaps some cranks if you discover the need.

I’m planning on using a 29er. I haven’t decided about crank length yet, but I’m going to experiment with things between 125 and 175. The 150s on your KH are probably a good baseline, and you can always get a pair of 165s if you need more leverage.