Hight of your seat in sidehop?

So what’s your hight of your seat in sidehop?
Mine is 60 cm or 4 EURO pallets
I do it with a 24"
So now tell me yours and with what wheelsize you do it.

er i guess 65 - 70cm on a 19" torkerbus. (or at least last time it was measured)
my rolling hop is substantially higher - about 90cm up

about 18" :slight_smile:
my rolling hops = 25"

now in cm please :smiley:


45.75 cm

63.5 rolling

we had the same # of posts before i posted this
isn’t that awesome :slight_smile:


Side hop, about 6 pallets, which converts loosely to 90cm. But you knew that.
Seat-out that is.

On my current unicycle configuration, doubt I could get more then 50cm seat-in. But my seat is WAY high.

gloeiende …

:astonished: My 62,5143298905647084564569934953045cm hasn’t improved since that crash on GMTW. (SIF 20"Qu-Ax)
I’ll serious consider to raise the hight to 75cm this year approximatly 80 (to stick a pngpngtable).
Start practicin’ 2morrow!!!:smiley:

If we go to Heerlen to do that demo, will you be there? I can maybe take a look at your technique, see if I can notice anything wrong. It helps a lot to videotape yourself too, and do the pre-tuck I told you about.

29.5 inch side hop, seat in.

20" wheel.

Rob I said “Seat IN” that means seat between your legs:D
Robje toch:p

Mine was 50cm half way through last year and i havent measured it since. I can do much higher rolling.

Sure mate, looking forward 2 it. That means that you and youre bro are comming down to the sweet south of our beloved country?:smiley:

I know, I only put the word “front” behind it!!!
Isn’t that allowed??

No Rob you may not do that:p

I’m a seat-out hopper so I don’t count…

But, Joe Hodges, the current British Trials Champion can do 92cm seat-in between legs with a 19" trials uni. :astonished:

my seat in hop would be about 20cm. my rolling up about the same, i’m pretty joe average.

Umm, I cant remember it, I can hop up 4 pallets easily, and I am sure I can do 5 or 6, just need to try it out, I can crank grab onto a picnic table.

Ill get some real measurements soon. =p

92cm with seat in :astonished:
Are there any movies or pictures from him?

i can only do small stuff like 30-40cm and im using a 24 incher.