hight drop...

sick nice alex

weird how his uni doesnt brake, but i see other unis break from falls much less in height, what set-up do you got on that? or is everything stock? and did you ever attempt the 3?

Alex has profiles…

I would think the record would be bigger than that. I’ve done 7 footers onto flat,
and I would think people could do quite a bit higher.

Kris has done a 5m drop afaik
I think the landing was on sand

5metres… that doesnt sound correct :s

i know kris was on ripleys believe it or not for a 3 metre drop !!

but not sure about this 5 metres :thinking: that is really quite high

I bet kris holm has done like 12 meters, beacuse he’s like god.

http://www.extremeunicycling.de/videos/geschnitten.htm “Gehirnmasse4” the drop at the playground, is it on sand, so it doesn’t count really.
I have heard too that Kris has done 5m but I never saw a video of it.

i have landed a 7 foot 3 inch drop on to flat but nothing as big as that play ground drop

thats insane. i was trying drops today. like, 2 feet (rolling off). i never landed it cuz i hurt my ankle bad the first two real (i didn’t land on the unicycle the first few times) attempts, and i think i bent my spindle the 2nd time. then my crank felt egged shaped for awhile, then i rode down some stairs and i didn’t notice it anymore. i dont know if thats because it bent back or because i got used to it, anyway it hasn’t bothered me at all.
how high should a torker lx be able to take? and what do you think bent and how could i find out / fix it ?

This threads getting a little confusing cuz people keep mixing up units. 2.5 meters equals 8.2 feet (8’ 2.4"). That’s one he!! of a drop to a flat.

My highest drop is 5 feet, but that’s crazy.

mine was 6’
and that is the reason i got a new unicycle
i didn’t know how to roll out of a jump then :slight_smile:

Kris’ drop off the Lobotomizer in Universe (or was it U2) is over 4 meters, but it’s not to flat. He also claims to have dropped 5 meters onto sand, which is plausible. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t dropped 5 meters onto flat concrete and has no interest in doing so.

I’m 14 I think I could beat that drop hight. Although I don’t really feel that I need to put myself in the record books just because I can. Then again do you think it would help for getting sponsored and things like that?

i can easily do a 4’ drop, but im not really interested in doing higher than that. I think I could do a 5’ drop, but I dont really have anything that high near me.

my highest drop is 8-feet, 5-inches. I measured it from ground to the top (duh) and it was almost excact, I have done the drop a few times, first time I wrecked pretty bad cause my foot slipped, second time I landed fine, shock wasnt much either cause I always do a rollout.

So thats like 2.8 meters or something.

World records are always good for resumes. Especially Guinness records. Take it from me, who has had one, it always generates interest. Being able to be looked up in the actual book gets you instant credibility.

This thread mentioned Guinness at the beginning. Did Guinness actually publish a unicycle drop record somewhere, ever? Certainly they never have in their U.S. editions. Has anybody seen one?

There are links in this thread to a video of an Australian Guinness show where tomsey’s filmed doing a 12-stair grind and a 2.5m drop, and getting the “official” records.

Om not sure if it ever went in the books but the links are in Andrew Carters gallery somewhere.

Ona high note…i got my personal best today of 2ft1" which i kno isnt much but it sure meant alot to me!