hight drop...

does Alex Toms still hold the guiness recprd for highest drop…(2.5m) or has someone else taken it?

2.5 meters?..that dont seem right. Im sure there is pple that have done higher…they just dont have the time to guiness it :slight_smile:

well i watched a video yesterday…i think its from2004 but the record he set was 2.5m he also set the longest grind which was a little over 12 feet.

The Guinness records aren’t necessarily the world records. People had done larger drops to flat before the Guinness Record was set. Longer grinds have also been done, though the one he does for Guinness is pretty rad and probably the longest staircase that had been done at the time.

Guinness is a business and out for the entertainment value of things, they aren’t too much interested in what the real records are…

Biggest drop to flat is a pretty ridiculous record to have and I hope that people don’t aspire too much to push that much farther.

Alex’s grind was
12 steps, 9 feet

Yea i have done 5’ 8" i believe, amanda knows i think. I saw that vid and i think people have done bigger but not proven it under circumstances.


ive done like a 6 and a half. I really wacked my anckle though when i did it.

ive done like 4.5 maybe 5

never landed anything over 4 feet though

well i kno yoggi has done like 14’ but it was onto a tire…does that still cout as “to flat”

He doesnt land it…
I have done 2,9m to flat (and land it), but flat drops are stupid because it has nothing to do with skill.

link plz :smiley:

I would say it has alot to do with skill. It’s hard to keep balanced on high flat drops and if you don’t compress your legs right then you run the risk of hurting yourself really badly (which I have done).

im sure that in one of the koxx videos he does it in the beggining and bails but the at the end he lands it and tacos the wheel hugely…ill try to fid the vid.

mike is right… its a ridiculous record to persue. drops to flat concrete are stupid. i only really did it cos they asked me to, and there was no red tape. i hope that some people can beat it and maybe replace me in their records.

the longest rail grind should be better… but i didnt do very well on the 16 that day. that record was supposed to be my warm up rail

well its still cool…your in the record books.

someone give me a link

to what?

video of tomsey’s accomplishments

I think this is it…


Just the clips of the records themselves, a picture compilation, and the 14MB, 6min full length video.