Highlands Mtn. MUni w/my new Uni buddy

I Spent a few hours on Saturday going up Highlands Ski Area with my new uni buddy, Paco. Our longtime family dog passed in April, and in June we rescued a dog from the shelter. She was a street dog in Puerto Rico for about a year, weve been told. Needless to say she is pretty wild and crazy. We have worked with her allot, and have kept her on leash for the most part. So Saturday, for the first time without a leash, I took her up the mountain. She was having the time of her life, totally in her element. She chased chipmunks, played in water pools, and just ran and ran. We went about 3/4 of the way up the mountain to 11,000’ elevation, where there is a deck at one of the on mountain restaraunts. The views from there are outstanding and world class. The Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak, all 14ers are towering above you at the end of the Maroon Creek valley. I rode my 29er up, well as much as I could, and walked the rest. The descent was really fun and fast, had to wait a few spots for Paco. This was her longest trail ever with me, and she did awesome the whole way. I cant wait to take her on many more MUni trails in the forests, my new MUni buddy:D . I will post a few pics from my ride, and of course one of her. Post pics of your uni buddys.:slight_smile: Peace.

Pyramid Peak 14,018’

wow paco is sure cool looking…
the views u get, only in colorado!!

Awesome, Mike!!!

Beautiful! I hope we’ll get to see Paco (along with the other Paco) at Moab next year; Uni needs some companionship now that Rouff is too old for the trail.

Here’s my main muni buddy, Ruthie, smelling Rose’s foot. Ruthie often runs 5 or 7 miles with Rose, then comes with me for 6 or 8 miles of muni later in the day. A long, unleashed run is like Disneyland for a dog.

Thats a very pretty dog.

Congrats Mike. I’ve got a similar situation. We lost our dog in the spring and just adopted two (bro and sis) from a rescue organization. We’re still getting used to each other but they’ll be getting out and about with me and my wife soon. Hiking as a family and Muni with me. Woohoo.

Cool shots!
If/when I ever get a Muni together you’ll have to show me around the trails.
I live over in Breck, ever ski the Pyramid?
Come on snow…

Yeah, no problem. There are some sweet trails in Summit Cnty as well. I have never skied Pyramid, but have friends (sic friends) who have :astonished:
Snow is coming soon enough, it only sits and rots if it doesnt get skied.

Nice, a brother and sister pair, they must love being together, and in Flag where they can run and run. Have fun with them.

Thanks, weve been told that she looks like a fox.

That is so true, I think Paco broke her fun meter:D

That would be so awesome to have Paco ready for Moab, being with another dog would certainly help.

Colorado is beautiful, getting crowded, but still beautiful.

Pic #3
Chillin at 11,000’, getting ready for the fun descent