Highland unicycle group website


I have just made a new website for our unicycle group in the Scottish Highlands.

Take a look and let me know what you think: www.highlandunicyclegroup.org

Looks great. Very well done.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is really nice. Great job. (I work in web).

Our new group Logo

That logo is great!

More Haggis!

I think your site would benefit from MORE HAGGIS. See: http://trueslant.com/nadiaarumugam/2010/01/26/the-haggis-wars-could-a-scottish-invasion-signal-the-end-of-american-haggis/ :wink:

Just kidding, it looks great, but what tartan is that on the pipes? (I know you have to be sensitive which one you use.)

I couldn’t use a Haggis… they are an endangered species

Its not any specific tartan… just a random tartanish design

If you want a Tee-shirt they are £12 each plus postage??

Ahhh Scotland!

Now you’re making me feel bad for having eaten one so many years ago. :wink:

And how much would a tee-shirt be if I came to Inverness to pick it up? :slight_smile:

And just in case it turns out that I wouldnee if I couldnee, but I cannee, is that British pounds or Scottish pounds? (I hear independence is naigh.) :roll_eyes:

Sorry for all the grief, but I’ve never quite gotten over Glasgow being elected to serve as the cultural center of all of Europe for a year. :wink:

Truth be told, some 40+ years ago – when I was a wee lad of 13 :stuck_out_tongue: – I came over to Scotland for three weeks, lived with a family in Edinburgh, traveled 'round the country on a bus with my schoolmates, and stayed in amazing Youth Hostels in the countryside. I even brought my unicycle with me! I seem to remember riding it along Hadrian’s Wall (probably before Kris Holm was born). :smiley: On our side trip to the Highlands we visited Inverness and stayed in a wonderful hostel in Aviemore. And if I remember correctly, we even hiked up Cairn Gorm Mountain and road the ski lift back down. I don’t remember much else about the rest of my trip to the Highlands because I got to cozy up with a young lass named Sharon on the ski lift, and we made a point of cozying up on the bus for the rest of the trip. :wink: (Ah, such memories… But I digress.) :o

Back on point: Someday I want to bring my unicycle(s) over to Scotland again and ride the Highlands, ride the Cairngorms, ride next to Loch Lomond, next to Loch Ness & Urquhart Castle, etc. Someday I’d like to ride down Aurthur’s Seat. Someday I’d even like to ride down the Royal Mile (if they’d let me) past Robbie’s Monument and Greyfriars Bobby.


Crikey Charlie UPD in Utah :astonished:
You’ve eaten haggis :astonished: I’ve never been fast enough to catch the little buggers!!! Even on my b*ke I couldn’t keep up with em !
It sure sounds as if you’ve got some great memories., and one day you’ll have more.
It’s only a likkle vid, but this is the castle made famous for the film “Highlander” I waited till everyone had left for the night then snook across the bridge and rode in front of the spotlight so I would be silhouetted against the castle walls :D. Oh I know, I’m mad :wink:


I have eaten Haggis! I think maybe they were more plentiful then. I didn’t catch it myself. My Scottish host family had a special trap of some kind – that they wouldn’t let me see. :wink:

Your vid at Eilean Donan Castle (near Dornie, Kyle Of Lochalsh) is great! I wonder how tall your shadow is at the tallest point? Imagine if a marauding clan, camped out nearby on the night before their raid, saw such a sight. (“What beast is that? So giant and riding around on just on wheel?”) They’d likely turn tail and run with their sporrans between their legs. :smiley:

I don’t believe we made it quite as far West as Dornie and the Eilean Donan Castle, but I do clearly remember Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness. :o

Such glorious scenery. Such history.

I’ve also since been to Wales, climbed Mt. Snowdon, and had “white tea” with scones and raspberry jam in Betws-y-Coed afterwards. Snowdonia would also be a fabulous place to ride (on a nice day). :roll_eyes:


Very cool logo and great looking website!!!

I am still looking for some unicycling enthusiast in Ireland :slight_smile:

You would be welcome to come over and ride with us any time :slight_smile: … If you want a Tee-shirt I am heading to the US next week, could take one over for you… would be about $22 with postage from in the US :smiley:

Sunday Sessions Resume

Hi All

Our Sunday sessions will resume this Sunday (12th) between 10 and 12.

For more information visit: www.highlandunicyclegroup.org