Highland Fling MTB race Australia. Official invitation to Unicyclists

Hi guys

I received an email from the organizers of the Highland Fling MTB race in Bundanoon, NSW, Australia.
He’s offering half price entry for anyone entering on a unicycle.

They specifically asked me to send out an invite to all unicyclists.
They would love to have as many as possible there.

This is a really good event. It is about 48km and is very ride-able on the Uni. (Mark Lavis did it in 3:20 one year).

They are very welcoming of Unicycles. They even have a category for us and have given great prizes out in the past.

I’m planning on doing it this year and would love to have some company.

So let me know…


3 Ring Circus, not Highland Fling

Sorry, Sorry,
The 3 Ring Circus.
The Fling is run by the same people.
This invitation was for the 3 Ring Circus

Booyeah baby! Entry for the night and day race is in! Hope I haven’t forgotten how to ride a unicycle in the last 6 months! Lets get a big crew together for it. Jamie, one-lap, ken? Any other takers? This is seriously one of the funnest mtb races you can do on a uni. Positive vibes from Nepal (secret altitude training!)

Hey Rob. That’s the weekend after my birthday so I can probably swing it. I might bring the kids along too for the kids race. Wonder of they will let Henry ride his 20 inch in it? :slight_smile:

I’ll confirm once I have registered.


That’s Great Tim. I will be reminding you.
The more the merrier.
I’m booked in for the Matinee. Unlike Mark, I’m not doing the night ride.


Hey Gang
I would have loved to have joined you, but I’ll be in West Timor. Alas. Whats the next gig in these parts after the three ring?


The highland Fling is another good race. It’s a bit longer and harder but great fun and run by the same guys.

I’ll do the highland fling but can’t do the 3 ring as I will be in the USA.

Beauty, sounds like a good event. Especially starting off easy and increasing. I’m entering, once I work out how to pay the offered $50 rego (the web page wants to charge $100).
Hope to meet some other Muni-ists there.

Hey frillneck.
What you do is stop the process before checkout.
You then send an email to them advising them that you are a unicyclist and they will modifty the record down to $50.
This is a great race to do on the Uni.
Look forward to seeing you there.