Highjump photos - 30.04.09


So my sister took some photos of my highjumping over my homemade highjump bar. I got 61cm first try, so that made me happy. :slight_smile:

The ISO accidentally set to 3200, but it actually looks kind of cool. Kind of a film effect…

I’ll post more photo’s later. Here’s the first though.


OMG that is so incredible! I’m so jealous.

You need to jump a little lower next time… so your sister doesn’t cut your head off :smiley:


Nice pic, Mr. Headless. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great shot! But… ( somthing tou wont like ) Jacob hit 88cm…

Jacob is also like 6 ft. tall :wink:

Thanks for the comments.


I should make one of those.

Nice hop:)

Do you prefer sidehop or rolling hop for over a bar?

For over bars, definitely rolling hop. But ledges, probably sidehops…



Just wondering. How tall are you? Their was a kid at uninats that hoped a very impressive 70cm I think, sidehop. And hes still learning.

the picture look really nice! post some other nice picture when you can!
What kind of bar do you use? because my bamboo bar aren’t really good plus they are not straight:P

p.s. i’m not 6ft tall yet, i’m 5’10"3/4 I think, not sure about the 3/4:D

I’m about 5’ 3".

70cm over a bar? Or onto a ledge? Because I just about did 74cm onto a ledge … and I consider myself “still learning”. :roll_eyes:


The guy I’m talking about (Brandon) has been riding for like a year or less though. Anyway, he had a pretty sweet sidehop. I just find it weird how he (a street rider) does sidehops and you (a trials rider) does rolling hops.

Jeez. I can’t even hop up a curb.

There was a kid ey… you know just a kid… THAT WAS ME :smiley:

I do both street and trials but of course I am more of a street rider. I’ve never really practiced rolling hops, just rolled hop basic things. Before uninats I tried 4 pallets and got up a few times (rolling) (58cm). I find that simply watching someone either IRL or on a video, helps me alot. I just do what they do…

I don’t think size really matters… Loic isn’t really bigger than me and hops really high…

I did 93cm onto a ledge rolling hopping, and 1m4cm side hope… And I’m about 1,69m… Maybe 1,70now…

The shoot looks nice… :wink:


But, size actually has to matter. Also, with skill, but if you were like 5’5" with awesome skill, and then you grew to be 5’11" and had the awesome skill, definitely you could go bigger.

Even this past winter, I hardly rode at all, and felt like I lost a lot of skill, but I grew in the winter, so now everything I did last fall feels a lot easier…

So I wouldn’t say “size doesn’t matter”. Maybe not for street, or freestyle, but when it comes to trials, sidehops, longjumps, highjumps, I think it really does.


Hey Issac nice jump. Im kinda just using this as an excuse to post something since ive gone 4 months without posting.