**Highjump Competition**

Talked about this in the trials discussion thread. Although I don’t really like threads like these, I think it will help many of you out there (including me) to push yourselves harder to get to a triple digit jump!.

Land a 100cm highjump any way possible. Rolling, static, SI, SIF whatever. 540 triple cranflip 720 unispin varial up it for all I care.


  1. Can’t have landed a 100cm hop before.
  2. Must show measuring tape from bottom up.
  3. Must be 100cm. Not 99.8cm.
  4. 1st 2nd and 3rd get to have the following siggy tag.
  5. Wait a bit for others to read this thread. (24hrs?)

)—’ :sunglasses: , 1mHighJump

*)---' :sunglasses: , 1mHighJump*

I dont think ill be getting 100cm any time soon. Should we subset this comp by tens?



Who knows, maybe someone could get the 50cm, and the next day, get the 60cm one aswell.

I dont know if you want to do this, or if you want to add some more, but not as much as I exampled.

Ill still push for 100cm. :slight_smile:

If you want to set up 10cm increments, go for it people!
I just really really really want to nail a 100cm.

Yeah, I was just thinking that is a pretty big increase for some of the people here are only hitting 40-60cm.

I can hit around 80cm, and up to the 90s if im having a good lucky day.
Its snowing another 4-6 inches tonight, so im sure that will help my jump height. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah my max hop height is exactly 60cm.My new years resolution is to get 75cm and i think ill need the extra push !!

I think I can get about 85ish pretty good now, I have exams this week but I may try and get out for a few sessions here and there and see what I can come up with, no worries though, I dont think I will be getting it for a long time.

Name: Marcus Collings
Unicycle: custom KH20
Highest hop: 85cm
Other sports: Sailing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding


I Liked the idea!.. I can easily hope 75cm in SIF… Rarely 80cm!..

But i’m in! :smiley:

And the Trophy is cool…Blue and black…I liked it :stuck_out_tongue:


Iv been wanting to improve my hop height for ages, this sounds like the perfect opportunity.
I have no idea what my hop height is at the moment, I will have to measure it sometime. It would be awesome to achieve 100cm.


A question:

You can jump 1M in a High Jump structure like this?

Or you need to jump to something and stay in!?

I think it’s important to add on the rules if you need to stay in, or you just need to get the height!


i think we should make this the jump competition thread. I would really like to get 100 but i honestly believe i have no more room for improvement besides getting 90 without a prehop. My rolling hop isnt to good tho (60 cm) would anyone like to have a 70 cm rolling hop competition?

im up for this competition because right now my hopes suck because they are only at abour 40inches if im lucky

You sure about that?

That’s already over a metre so you cannot enter.

haha i think he means cm :smiley:

haha thats a meter dude 40 inches is one meter exactly

101.6 cm

haha yeah i wasnt talking to you and i dont know why i put the exactly in there but your right. I was just saying that if he really does me inches than he cant compete. I think he means cm tho:p

Lets change this comp to 100 inches?

oops sorry i meant 40 centimetres

Danni called this, and named the thread, “Highjump Competition.” That means it should be the “real thing,” where you jump over a bar and ride away.

IUF Rules: http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/rulebook/
2006 is the current one (2008 version being proofed). This is section 2.29, from page 14:

This event is similar to the track and field version, with the rider jumping over a bar, without knocking it down, and landing without a dismount. The bar must be held loosely in the jumping apparatus so it can fall or break away if the rider does not complete the desired height. There are three parts to a successful jump:

  1. Riders must mount before the start line, to show they are on the unicycle and in control. The attempt starts when the rider crosses the start line. The rider may break off from a jumping attempt before leaving the ground, but must then start again from behind the start line.

  2. Riders must jump over the bar, without knocking the bar off the apparatus. The bar can be hit as long as it does not fall. If the bar falls before the rider crosses the finish line, it counts as an unsuccessful attempt.

  3. After landing, the rider must stay in control of the unicycle for a minimum of three meters without dismounting, touching a hand to the ground or any other object, or knocking down the bar or any of the high jump apparatus.
    Riders get two attempts at each height. The rider starts at a low height and after each successful attempt; the height increases at set intervals until the rider fails to be successful on both attempts. When the rider fails both attempts, the maximum height that was completed is recorded.

Standard unicycles must be used (see definition). No restriction on wheel or crank size. For best results, metal pedals should be allowed for their strength and better grip. This may make it impossible to hold this event on a sensitive track surface. NOTE: In addition to the required safety gear for racing, helmets are required.

2.29.2 SETUP:
The riding area consists of a start line, behind which riders must start their attempt, a jumping apparatus 3 meters away, and a finish line 3 meters beyond the jumping apparatus. The two lines and apparatus must all be parallel. Riders must ride or hop across the finish line for the attempt to count. Successfully crossing the finish line is judged the same as in racing (see Section 2.6).

Some of that is a bit much for an informal competition like this, such as the two tries and the incremental moving of the bar. As you’re doing it on your own, for a competition like this you get unlimited tries and can adjust your bar as needed.

No, you can’t jump onto something, that’s a side hop. High Jump is harder.

Also, if you’re a stickler, you’ll have gloves and/or wristguards, knee protection and a helmet on.

The fluck highjump was to pallets. I’m sorry, but the IUF is only good for freestyle.